Bloomberg BusinessWeek: 50 issues for $40 (84% off)

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: 50 issues for $40 (84% off)


Want to know what's happening in the business world? Do it for less than $1 a week with Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

You ever see a movie where some exec has his computer on his desk and a second one just kind of sitting there - usually on the hutch behind him or a table in the corner? That's probably a Bloomberg terminal. If he's (or she's) watching TV, it might be on Bloomberg TV. When they hop in a car maybe they're listening to Bloomberg Radio. And the magazine they're thumbing through at breakfast could be a copy of Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Why so much Bloomberg? Because Bloomberg knows the business world. Bloomberg L.P. (the company who publishes BusinessWeek) is owned by Michael Bloomberg and that guy, well, that guy knows business. He has about $31 billion hanging around and is sitting at 13th place on the list of the worlds richest people. So if there is a magazine that knows what is happening in the business world, it's Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Right now you can get 46 Issues for $40 plus four free bonus issues so all said and done you get 50 issues. That's 80 cents per issue, delivered to your door. Not bad.

On a side note, just say Bloomberg BusinessWeek like Droopy Dog. It makes life better.

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