Blockbuster: Now 50 - 70% Off

Blockbuster: Now 50 - 70% Off

Blockbuster has improved their sale to 50 - 70% off, and if they have stuff your looking for: it is a good time to get it!

I hit up my local Blockbuster 2 days ago and thought the shelves are getting pretty bare, there were still many good finds to be found. I came away with Sleepy Hollow on Blu Ray, The Last Air Bender on Blu Ray (deluxe version with DVD, Blu Ray + Digital Copy) as well as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs game for the PS3 (used). I paid $27 and some change: very good deals!

I was tempted by the Tron PS3 game but don't know enough about it, and they had Iron Man on Blu Ray as well as a few other movies, but I just didn't want them enough.

Last night we went to a different Blockbuster and got Kung Fu Panda (Blu Ray) for 50% off. :-)


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