Blenders Eyewear (US): 55% Off Coupon Code Incl. Sale Items

Blenders Eyewear (US): 55% Off Coupon Code Incl. Sale Items


The Americans really know how to do Black Friday and they should - they created it. Blenders Eyewear is a fantastic company out of the good ol' USA (California) that is offering 55% off everything including already discounted sunglasses! If you have scratched your current lenses and need a new set, then hit up this sale presto!

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  • Coupon Code: BLACK55
  • Discount: 55% off everything
  • Expiry:28th November 2014 (still working on the morning of the 29th)

Now this may be an American website, but this deal is awesome for a couple of reasons. First, all glasses are $45US or less before coupon as Blenders believes in quality and good looks for a decent price. Second, this coupon includes sale priced items so you can get an incredible deal when you combine something on sale with a 55% off coupon. Here are just some of the deals:

These glasses have very good reviews and this seems to be a common theme:

Love them! Perfect for those days on the beach or when you are just driving with the top down.

As an added incentive, every 10th order includes a FREE pair of M Class wayfarer sunglasses. Wouldn't it be sweet to be the 10th order?

The only downside is shipping. I live in one of the more expensive places to ship out of the provinces, but shipping to me was $11.90 when I stuck a pair in my cart and only went up an extra 75 cents when I put another pair in my cart. You may want to order multiple pairs of glasses (or go in with friends) so you can spread the shipping cost out over the number of glasses you buy. Do know that these are not made in the USA so you may be subject to duty.

Edit: I had tweeted about this and got this response from a fellow Canadian:

Christian B Abadia: I ordered from them recently and wasn't charged any duties or taxes (I'm from Vancouver).
Thanks! I hope you guys score some great deals on sunglasses this Black Friday and that they come duty free as well.


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