Blacks Coupon Code for a 14" x 24.5" Collage Poster – Only $0.99 & Free Shipping!

Blacks Coupon Code for a 14" x 24.5" Collage Poster – Only $0.99 & Free Shipping!


A few months back, Blacks had an excellent offer here for a free collage poster as long as you ordered through their app. This was a super deal and it was one of the most popular offers we’ve seen on Bargainmoose. While that offer is now expired, Blacks have released a new offer to celebrate an update of their app. Just now, you can order a 14"x24.5" collage poster worth $9.99, for only $0.99 as well as free shipping!

Click here to use the Blacks coupon code now

  • CouponCode: fresh99
  • Discount: $9 off a collage poster
  • Expires: 31st May 2015

Use the above Blacks coupon code when you are placing your order through for a 14"x24.5" collage poster, through the Blacks iOS app which you can grab from here. The regular cost of the collage poster on there is $9.99, so this is a $9 saving, not to mention free shipping. :) Plus, if you order anything else as well, those items will also qualify for free shipping. If you were planning on ordering a few prints or other items from Blacks, this is a good opportunity to take advantage of free shipping.

The previous thread has quite a few comments from Moosers, you may want to read it too. For example, you’ll want to upload the pictures in the order that you want them to appear on your poster. You cannot sort the images once they are uploaded.

If you have a load of photos sitting on your iPhone or iPad like I do, it could be a really good opportunity to throw them all into the Blacks app. You can download the app for free, select the piccies you want to have in your collage poster, then place your order. It shouldn’t take long to do so… and it’s only a dollar to get a great collage full of memories for you to see.

Kristy was telling me that her phone is busting with pictures that she needs to print off… Kristy, get the Blacks app and make a poster for a dollar!

Or here's another idea - perhaps a Father's Day gift? Make a poster with lots of pics of the kids or family, and give it to dad/partner/grandad for the big day?

What about you Moosers? Will you make use of this one?


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  • Kristy R.
    Hold on a moment while I clear off a few blurry photos to make room for the app! lol
    • Bonnie (.
      I also had a few problems with the first order sponsored by Telus, but I called and got it sorted out quickly. I just brought the poster in to be framed. It is beautiful!!! I have made another today ($1.14 with tax-- whoohooo!!!) for a friend with a new baby. Can't wait to get the second poster. Thanks Bargainmoosers!!!!
      • Anna W.
        Nice one Bonnie, hope it turns out well!
      • Hilary
        I just tried the promo code and it didn't work. :( It told me FRESH99 was not a valid promo code.
        • Sue
          Has anyone successfully found a FRAME to put this size in? Michaels has NADA - weird, unique size - blah but great freebie :)
          • Cal
            Hilary, I couldn't get it to work either. :( Too bad... they're really nice posters! Sue... the only place I found a frame for the last poster I did was, surprise, Blacks! And, although the frame said it was sized for 14x24.5 I did have to trim the poster to get it to fit (about 1cm on top/bottom)
          • Anna W.
            Hi all! In the original communcation from Blacks, the code in all in CAPS. But if you try the code in lowercase - apparently it should work!
            • Ashley
              The code isn't working for me :(