Black's Canada: Buy 100 Prints & get 100 Prints Free

Black's Canada: Buy 100 Prints & get 100 Prints Free

Time to start printing off all of those pictures you have been taking since the beginning of the year with your digital camera.  Black's Canada has a great offer on right now.  Buy 100 prints and you will get 100 prints for free until 17th June 2012.

Printing off pictures is something that I would never pay full price for.  I always wait for a good deal before I even think about it.  This is a really great deal because you can basically double the amount of prints you get for the same price.  This deal applies to pictures sized 4x6 only.  All you have to do is load your 100 pictures on a print e-card online (or print card in stores) and you will get your next 100 pictures for free that you load.

In our age of technology I sometimes forget that I have taken about a million pictures with my digital camera.  For this reason, I try to print off my picture every few months with a deal like this so have them to enjoy.

Don't forget about the Black's freebie deal we posted earlier that will give you a free Father's Day 4x6 portrait until 17th June.

(Expiry: 17th June 2012)


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