Bio Oil: TO Stretch Or Not To Stretch?

Bio Oil: TO Stretch Or Not To Stretch?

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I’m blogging about this as I’ve heard a few things about bio-oil. Its reputation states that it is supposed to be good for stretch-marks during pregnancy, and the reduction thereof. Now, I’ve never been preggers so I cannot give you guys a first hand opinion on this topic.

A friend of mine tried it out when she had her first baby. She doesn’t think that the bio-oil did any good at all. But I’ve heard other stories, where people say it drastically reduced their stretch marks. It’s one of those things were it is hard to tell though – would there have been no stretch marks even if they hadn’t used the bio-oil?

Maybe some people should test it out on one half of their belly, and leave the other half to nature. I’d like to see the results of that experiment! Maybe Amy Winehouse needs to use bio-oil on her boobs!

Have you used bio-oil? What do you think? Did it help? Or was it a total waste of time? Please comment below :)


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  • willowsprite
    LOL @ the Amy thing. Stretch marks have nothing to do with what you put on your skin. They actually happen deep down, where oil can't reach. Some people have skin that is super-stretchy, and some don't. The ones that don't get stretch marks. It all depends on your skin type.
    • Anna
      SO willow reckons the bio oil thing is just a myth then. Any other thoughts?
      • Joan
        Lotions and oils do help but your best defense is eating the right foods and getting proper nutrition. Vitamin E is good to take daily plus eating spinach keeps your skin soft. Doing a daily stretch can help naturaly too. I am a mother of 2 and there is really no getting around stretch marks but there are ways of minimizing them and it's just a part of life :)
        • Tiffany
          I could not tell you whether it could help at all when it comes to prevention but I can tell you I started using it about a month ago. I currently have a 1 year old son, but the stretch marks I got from my pregnancy were Not pretty in the least. There was no way to cover them up and all were deep and purple, I pretty much thought I was hopeless! But my friend kept telling me time and time again about Bio Oil and one day while walking through the store past the scar screams and such I noticed and decided to buy it. Well, I still have stretch marks, the only miracle to solve these would sadly be a tuck but Wow the results WERE amazing though! Size has been reduced, just about all purple coloring has been faded, and Im not so badly afraid to wear a bathing suit after seeing how bad they were before. This was definitely a confidence and hope booster, Maybe in a few years you wont even be able to tell at all unless right in front of me looking for them! Im just here to provide a story that does show it does do the job of fading and it smells great and does wonders for your skin! :) Hope this helped!