Big Fish Games: $4.99 Customer Favourites

Big Fish Games: $4.99 Customer Favourites

Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games does something called the Customer Favourites Awards, where games are judged according to overall customer purchases. 27/28 games chosen are standard edition games (surprise) which would generally cost you $9.99 USD. With the following coupon code you can get the 27 games for only $4.99 USD each, that is 1/2 price!

Click here for the full list of $4.99 Customer Favourites Award Games

  • Discount: $4.99 instead of $9.99
  • Coupon Code: GAMEOFTHEYEAR
  • Expires: 31st, January 2011

You can see the full list of winners and games you can get at a discount above. Here are the tops in some categories I am interested in:

I am leaning towards Drawn and Dark Parables, both look visually amazing.


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