Bicycles And Bargains!

Bicycles And Bargains!

Sale sale sale! Good old Canadian Tire seems to be having a bit of a clearance sale on their Raleigh bicycles. They’re advertising 40% – 60% off! Just go to the Canadian Tire websiteto view their offers – enter “Raleigh” in the search box to see all available bicycle deals. I sorted by prices low to high, and the first bike I saw was a boys Raleigh Big Horn (20”), for only $95.99. That’s only discounted by 20% though, so there may be better deals.

The “Raleigh Gator Mountain Bike” is half price – it’s only $114.99 (the yellow bike pictured to the right)! It gets good ratings on Canadian Tire too, with comments such as “I wasnt sure about the compression forks but the bike rides great and looks good too.”

Or if you want a more girly bike, the “Raleigh Tess Bike” is also half price, it’s $199.99, down from $399.99. You can see it on the image to the right, the pink bike. However, have a read of the ratings on that one, it doesn’t seem to score quite a well as the last bicycle.

If you want to be really crafty, you can purchase gift cards online and get yourself 3.5% dealguild cashback. Then use these gift cards in-store to buy your bike, as you cannot buy products online from Canadian Tire.

I still remember getting my first bicycle. I think I was about 7 or 8 years old, when I saw a suspicious protrusion hiding under the stairs, a few days before Christmas. It was some tatty old blue bike, hidden under a blanket. I never really thought anything more of it… until I received it on Christmas morning, but it looked brand spanking new! My dad had tuned it up, given it a red paint job, put a few stickers on it… etc. Apparently he’d picked it up for next to nothing, and fixed it up for me. We were a pretty poor family, so even this fixed up bike seemed like a luxury!

Deal expires 20th March 2009!


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