Beyond the Rack: Storage Basics up to 50% off

Beyond the Rack: Storage Basics up to 50% off

When I noticed this sale at Beyond the Rack I got really exited.  I absolutely love to organize and often seek out new and fun organization ideas to de-clutter my house.  From now until 12th September, Beyond the Rack has a Storage Basics sale on with items up to 50% off the regular prices.

Items for this sale start at just $6.99 for unique storage ideas and go up to $149 for recycling system.  There are 7 different items to choose from with this sale.  Because I love to organize and pride myself in finding creative uses for items, I thought I would let you know of a couple of  great deals and unique uses for them.

They have this 20 pocket shoe rack that was $21.99 and is now just $14.99.  These are a great shoe storage solution, but another great idea to use these for is to hang them on the door of your pantry and put items in them such as rice packs, pasta packs, or anything else that may be smaller.  Another great storage idea is this can storage rack that was $50 and is now just $24.99.  I would love to have one of thee in my pantry to organize and save space!

(Expiry: 12th September 2012)


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