Beyond The Rack: Bamboo Radical Pumps Were $205 | Now $30

Beyond The Rack: Bamboo Radical Pumps Were $205 | Now $30


I ran across these trendy Bamboo Radical pumps on Beyond the Rack for only $29.99 a pair, originally $205.

If any of these links do not take you directly to the product, just look for the Bamboo sale in the women's section.

The pumps come in your choice of black or white. As the name might have tipped you off, these are animal friendly shoes so the uppers are not made of leather; rather they are made of polyester that does a good job of looking like leather. You get the same appearance without using another creature's skin. The sole is rubber to give as much comfort as is possible in heels. The ankle has a double buckle, which you can adjust for a better fit. However, to get your shoes quickly on to go out or off after a long night of partying, just use the zipper at the back.

The huge attraction of these shoes is the heels. My goodness the heels are beautiful. Both the white and the black shoes feature a golden heel with pyramid style spikes all over the heel. The gold is glossy, so these heels will reflect the light while you are walking or dancing the night away in your favourite club. The zipper is accented in the same gold colour as the heel as are the two side buckles. Between the two colours, sizes 5 1/2 through 10 are available.

These are a nice summer shoe with the peep toe and open sides. I assume that the heel, though it looks chunky, is probably lighter weight than it looks due to the materials used. While this is totally my type of shoe, I find the heel on these a little high for me. Usually I say down around 2 - 2.5 inches with my more adventurous shoes around 3 inches tall. These are probably 3.5" at least. Unfortunately, the heel high is not specified. For most women, like my mother, this size of heel is a cakewalk: they wear them every day.

Besides these shoes looking gorgeous, the price is just perfect. You are saving 85% on the original retail price of these shoes. That is just an amazing amount of money to save on a pair of shoes. Since Beyond The Rack lowered their flat shipping rate, it has become easier to just pick out one thing you like and buy it. Shipping is just $7.99.

(Expiry: 22nd June 2014)


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