Best Buy: Trade in Your old iPod for GC + Credit

Best Buy: Trade in Your old iPod for GC + Credit


So this is a nifty little idea Best Buy has thrown together to help you be a responsable Apple product owner. Everyone knows that the turn over of an iPod in every few years, or every year for die-hard fans, so where do all the old iPods go? Best Buy wants you to bring yours in. They will:

  1. Give you a GC equal to your iPod's appraised value
  2. If you buy a replacement from them, dock an extra $25 - $50 off your bill (ipod touch, ipod classic, nano)

That is pretty good in the grand scheme of things.

Now, if you have a first generation mini hanging around you never bothered to part with and you find out it isn't worth anything but still decide to recycle it with Best Buy, they will plant a tree in your name.. just for you being a nice person.

I'm not sure what their trade in value is like, having never done this myself. But the extra $$ off the bill with the GC is what makes this an appealing offer in my eyes. Frankly they will probably undervalue the item and the extra $$ off the replacement will bring it closer to reality.


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  • oreo
    wow. this is really nice.. my nano is so old. thinking about getting thge new one cuz its so small. thanks barginmoose!
    • Reena
      I was planning on buying the new itouch so when i saw this i jumped on it!! I brought in my ancient 1st generation nano, they gave me $7.81 for it (haha) plus the $50 off, the new ones are pretty pricey and NEVER go on sale, love this deal! I have found a ton of uses for it which enabled me to cancel some added services from my cell phone bill :P
      • Reena
        p.s i did this at future shop..they have the same program as well!
      • Becci
        Do you know what the expiry date on this deal is? My husband just told me he wants an ipod touch for Christmas! But when I go to the link, it only says about the trade-in, but not the $50 off the ipod touch. Thanks!