Best Buy: Spring Electronics Trade In Event

Best Buy: Spring Electronics Trade In Event


From 15-18 April 2011, trade in your old electronics at Best Buy for recycling and save on your purchases in store!

Bring in your old tv, computer, camera, cell phone, MP3 player and more to your local Best Buy store to get your discounts.

Some highlights of this promotion:

  • Trade in your old TV and get up to $250 off select Energy Star LED and Plasma TV's
  • Trade in your old VCR or DVD Player and get up to $50 off a new Blu-ray player.
  • Trade in your old computer and get up to $100 off select Toshiba laptops
  • Trade in your old camera or camcorder and get up to $100 off a Nikon Camera
  • Trade in your old telephone and get $20 off on any Panasonic multi-handset over $99

Looks like there is a limit of one trade in per purchase. So, don't bring in 2 old cameras and expect to get $200 off a new Nikon camera. This trade in promotion can't be combined with any other offers or coupons.

Here's an important message from Best Buy about your personal information:

When you choose to recycle your "end of life" electronics, Best Buy will make every effort to ensure the privacy and security of any personal information. However, your data will not be wiped off your electronics.

As always, protect your privacy. Be sure to back up your data and wipe clean all drives on computers and laptops. The same precautions apply to SIM cards and other storage devices in cell phones, even memory cards in digital cameras and picture frames. If you are unsure how to clean data, check your owner's manual.

(Expires 18 April)


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  • Avigayil
    I am really pissed off at Best Buy right now. Evidently the whole "Trade in any phone and upgrade to the Koodo Optimus One, or Koodo INQ Chat and get a bonus $50 gift card" and "Trade in any phone and upgrade to a BlackBerry and receive a bonus $50 gift card" is pretty much just a rewording of their usual offers.. except you are giving them your old phone. On top of that: you still have to pay for the phone one way or another. Either it goes on 'tab' like with Koodo.. etc. There is no extra benefit to the customer, indeed you may be worse off because instead of selling that phone you just give it to them. I was in there with my Husband and they refused to upgrade his Koodo phone to the new phone like advertised, saying a) he would have to get the new phone on tab or b) he would have to loose his phone number by first cancelling his current account with Koodo. My husband can get a new phone on tab with Koodo anytime he wants without Best Buy's help. The phone promotions = ripoff and I am so pissed off with Best Buy right now. The cell phone manager was rude as well. Horrible customer service at my local store.