Best Buy Canada: Vacu Vin 7-Piece Wine Set Was $34 | Now $24

Best Buy Canada: Vacu Vin 7-Piece Wine Set Was $34 | Now $24


Fancy some wine? Of course you do! I had a birthday party on the weekend and the gift of the day was wine. My friends definitely know what I like! If you need a gift to bring to a party, instead of bringing the wine, consider this 7-piece wine set at Best Buy. Regularly $33.99, it is on sale for $23.99.

This set includes all the things you need to enjoy wine, besides the glass and the wine itself.The best part of the set is the 5-minute wine cooler. You can use this to chill a red or a white or even a pink and keep it in there to keep it cold. I find this is fantastic for camping where you have limited room in the fridge or cooler for anything but perishables, but having your bottle sit out all day makes it way too warm to drink.

It also has a vacuum pump, which removes the air from the bottle so it stays fresh even if you can't drink the entire thing in one night. It also includes a corkscrew, two rubber stoppers, which keep it fresher than putting the cork back in and two crystal servers that help prevent dripping.

This set is the real deal and has all those little bells and whistles you might want for drinking wine, but might not buy yourself. I am going to get this set and keep it on hand as a gift to give someone where I might need a last minute gift.

Best Buy offers free shipping on $25, so you'd only need to spend another dollar to get your free shipping. I am going to totally suggest these Vacu Vin glass markersin assorted colours, which were $6.99 and now only $4.99. These will help prevent others drinking out of your glass or having to get them a new glass when they lose theirs at the party. Believe me, having just had a party, I know that this happens and I used up my entire wine glass collection because of people forgetting where they left their glass and needing a new one.

I checked around for similar pricing and couldn't find this exact set, although Amazon sells the various pieces separately, making this the best deal out there for this entire set.

Photo credit: Brendan DeBrincat

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