Best Buy Canada: Pre-Order White Xbox One Sunset Overdrive 500GB System Bundle | $465 Value Now $400

Best Buy Canada: Pre-Order White Xbox One Sunset Overdrive 500GB System Bundle | $465 Value Now $400

Xbox One Sunset

Hey there, my fellow gamers! Best Buy currently has pre-orders available for the new White Xbox One Sunset Overdrive system bundle, and until October 30th, you can get it for $399.99! The value of this bundle is $464.99, and Xbox One systems with no games included typically retail for the same price ($399.99). Plus, you'll also qualify for free shipping! Even though it won't begin to ship until October 28th (this Tuesday), stock is very limited right now, so this will be your chance to still get this great deal!

This special White Xbox One Sunset Overdrive bundle comes with the system (with 500GB of storage space), a wireless controller, and a digital copy of the new Sunset Overdrive game (you'll just have to redeem your download voucher online, so no physical copy of the game is included, but you get a full download of the game). It also includes special Day One Edition in-game content for this brand spanking new game, which is already getting major airtime (you may have seen the commercial for the game by now).

Sunset Overdrive is currently getting some major hype, as this fun-looking game has been anticipated for quite a while. Now that it's going to be released this Tuesday, people that were waiting for the right time to purchase an Xbox One system can finally do so. After all, you're essentially getting the game for free with the Xbox One console for this price ($399.99).

If you went to WalMart and bought an Xbox One system with no games, it would cost you $399.99, and a copy of Sunset Overdrive would be an extra $64.96. I've included a brief review of the Xbox One system from a satisfied Best Buy customer below:

My son has been very happy with the xbox one. He loves the upgrade that allows him to watch TV while playing a game.

Best Buy doesn't have many of these systems remaining in stock at this time, so check out this deal while it's still available! I hope you enjoy the rest of your Saturday, my fellow Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: 30th October 2014)


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