Best Buy Canada: Free Shipping, Spend $39 (Tip)

Best Buy Canada: Free Shipping, Spend $39 (Tip)

Best Buy Canada

Hot on the high heels of the free shipping from FutureShop, the other major electronics retailer, Best Buy Canada, are also offering free shipping on a $39 spend!!

From the terms and conditions, we can see that Best Buy have set an end date on this promotion, which is the 1st of August 2009. In truth, I hope that they get so many extra sales to justify keeping this on as a permanent promotion. While free shipping without a minimum spend would be far better, $39 is quite low, and falls in line with the Chapters, Amazon and Futureshop policies. As I mentioned in the FutureShop post, it’s great if you’re buying games, DVDs, small electronics.


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