Best Buy Canada: Dyson Absolute Upright Vacuum (DC29) | Was $600 Now $400

Best Buy Canada: Dyson Absolute Upright Vacuum (DC29) | Was $600 Now $400


Hey there, my fellow deal hunters! Did you miss out on the recent deal on the Dyson DC23 vacuum at Hudson's Bay? Well, today's deal at Best Buy Canada is for a Dyson Absolute Upright Vacuum (DC29), which is an even better model of the vacuum (in my opinion). This high-end vacuum normally sells for $599.99, but you can now purchase this Dyson Absolute Upright Vacuum (DC29) for $399.99 - that's $200 off the regular price! Another nice bonus is the fact that you'll also qualify for free shipping! Just like the last Dyson vacuum deal, this one won't be around for very long, so take advantage of this deal while it's still available!

If you're looking for a vacuum that you can rely on for many years to come, you should look no further than this Dyson Absolute Upright Vacuum (DC29). It's an efficient, cost-effective bagless vacuum, and you can easily empty out the dirt that you suck up with it. It's got plenty of power, too! You can learn more about the specific features of this premium Dyson vacuum by clicking on the link above.

I have an older Dyson vacuum, and it still works great! It's from 2007, but it still hasn't given me any problems! It sucks up dirt without any issues, it's versatile enough for me to move around, and it's very easy to clean. All I have to do to empty out the dirt in my bagless Dyson vacuum is press a button to unlock the cannister, then I simply release it into my garbage bin. It's that easy.

If you wanted to buy this Dyson Absolute Upright Vacuum (DC29) from Sears today, it would cost you $599.99. I've included a brief review of this Dyson vacuum from a satisfied Canadian Tire customer below:

Great device. We have mostly hardwood floors with some carpet and this unit works great on both. Its pickup power is 2nd to none.

Happy hunting, my fellow deal hunters!

(Expiry: 22nd November 2014)


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