Bésame Cosmetics Launches Snow White Line

Bésame Cosmetics Launches Snow White Line

Okay, is it bad that I'm really tempted to buy everything in this collection? Bésame Cosmetics recently launched a collaboration with Disney to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs– and it resulted in this princess-worthy Snow White makeup collection!

If you haven't heard of Bésame before, they're a vintage cosmetics company that models all their products after real, classic makeup looks. For the Snow White line, they actually chose colours based on the original colour palette from the original 1937 movie. So it definitely takes you one step closer to transforming into a Disney princess! ;)

All prices listed are in USD, but we did some of the math already. Check these out:

Bésame Cosmetics does ship internationally (and you can definitely order to Canada!), but delivery costs might vary and will be calculated at checkout. Most international orders over $50 ship free.


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