Benefit Cosmetics Ornaments on Sale for $10 Each

Benefit Cosmetics Ornaments on Sale for $10 Each

I almost couldn't believe it when I saw it, because this almost NEVER happens – but it's true. Benefit Cosmetics is on sale!

Specifically, their leftover Christmas ornaments are now marked down at Chapters Indigo. Each one is on clearance for $10, and honestly, if you ignore the ribbon at the top of each box, you're basically getting Benefit Cosmetics minis for a HUGE discount.

When you consider that each one of these sold for $16 or $17 just a month or so ago, you just might want to break out your wallet. That's what I'm doing as I write this, anyway!

If you've never tried their legendary mascara, a Roller Lash Mini Ornament is included in this sale, as is the Badgal Bang Mascara Mini Ornament and the They're Real Mascara Mini Ornament. And since orders over $25 ship free, you might want to try 'em all while you're at it!


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