Benefit Cosmetics on Sale from $13.60 @ Chapters

Benefit Cosmetics on Sale from $13.60 @ Chapters

Okay, I learned two pretty incredible things this morning. 1) Chapters Indigo actually sells Benefit Cosmetics, and 2) they all qualify for this weekend's coupon code!

Until the end of the weekend, you can use the code WELLNESS15 for 15% off ANY Benefit Cosmetics product (and most other full-price items at Chapters), which means prices start at $13.60!

This is big for so many reasons. For starters, it's so rare to even find Benefit on sale in Canada, and now I can pick some up whenever I'm shopping at Chapters!

Check out these deals:

The one downside is that Benefit isn't available in Chapters stores – but shipping is free on orders over $25, and you can always ship orders to Chapters locations for free!


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  • Linda H.

    Love their products, but their prices are "highway robbery"!