Bench Canada: Men's Hoodies $69.99 (Save $79)

Bench Canada: Men's Hoodies $69.99 (Save $79)


Bench Canada is now selling men's hoodies for only $69.99 that originally retailed for $149 a piece. Sizing is limited!

There are three hoodies to choose from.

The Recruit Zip Thru Hoody in black is currently available in an extra-large only. It looks to have a fairly smooth exterior, drawstrings at the hood, and if I am not mistaken a rather cozy hood lining.

The Reflect Zip Thru Hoodyin black has almost a pebbled look to the exterior with a high neck and no drawstrings. The hood is again lined with something ultra cozy. I prefer the neckline on this because when the wind starts blowing it is really nice to have that extra protection. Available in size XXL only.

The Silver Zip Thru Hoodykind of combines both the above hoodies. It has the more pebbly coloured exterior but also has draw strings around the hood and it looks like zippered pockets. The size options are also better in this hoodie, you can choose from small, medium, or XXL.

Whichever one you go for, you are saving $79 off the original price which is over 50% off. Get free shipping on orders of $99 or more at Bench Canada.

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