Bench Canada: $30 Off Every $100 Spent on Outerwear

Bench Canada: $30 Off Every $100 Spent on Outerwear


Bench Canada is offering $30 off every $100 spent on outerwear. That means if you spend $200 you get $60 off, spend $300 and you get $90 off, and so on.

The savings will be automatically applied when you add the items to your cart. I tested the deal out on this BBQ Jacket in Nasturtium which is an orange colour. The jacket retails for $129 and after I added it to my cart it came down to $99. The jacket is available in four other colours so if orange is not your thing there are other options.

The men's section has some very nice coats as well. This Alternative II J retails for $139 but comes down to $109 after you add it to your cart. It comes in four colours with my favourite being the twilight blue.

Children's jackets also qualify for the discount. I added this Barbeque b Jacket together with the Women's BBQ Jacket I linked to above and because together they totalled over $200, $60 came off my cart total.

Get free shipping on orders of $99 or more.

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