Bella 5 Speed Digital Juicer $19 @ Giant Tiger

Bella 5 Speed Digital Juicer $19 @ Giant Tiger

A Bella juicer for $19 from Giant Tigeris a great way to go when the price is comparable to $90 for other models similar to this. (Here's a 2-speed, 700 watt juicer for $68 at as an example but the specs are not even as high as this Bella model for only $19.)

Soon fall morning routines will start up again and having a juicer like this can make a big difference to how you start our day. This deal is only available in-store at Giant Tiger and is definitely worth checking out.

Coffee, yes - always coffee in the morning. Imagine though, also quickly blending up a nutritious but tasty smoothie using fresh or even frozen fruits for breakfast. You can take it to go, in a travel mug.

Veggies can so easily be snuck into smoothies, whether orange and sweet like carrots, or green, like spinach. Even though spinach tastes surprisingly like spinach, kids don't seem to mind the taste as long as there's enough fruit juice to mask it a bit.

With a 1000 watt motor, 5 speeds and 3 inch feed tube, you barely even have to prep the produce. Dishwasher safe parts means you can just toss them into the dishwasher before you head out the door.

There's also a 2 year warranty on this, which is really good for this type of kitchen appliance and for peace of mind.


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