BedHead Pajamas (US): PJ Sale

BedHead Pajamas (US): PJ Sale


BedHead Pajamas makes some of the most wonderful looking pajama sets. Right now they have a sale on their quality PJs.

They are a US company and everything is made in the USA. This is very important because there is this fun little trade agreement called NAFTA that says there is no duty on anything 'Made in the USA' when it comes across into Canada. That means all these PJs will come duty-free into Canada so all you need to worry about is shipping and picking out your perfect pair. There are so many incredible deals that I just have to list a whole bunch for you to see!

These women's pajamas are all on sale from $140 down to $69!

These men's pajamas are also on sale from $140 down to $69:

There are also a couple robes that are really discounted quite well! This Pink Spa Robe was $158 and is now $69. For me the real treasure is this Lynx Classic Flannel Robe which was $152 and is now $69. It is stunning!

I have never wanted PJs more in my life. With these prices, I think I will be buying myself a pair. I really like the Blue Riviera set and 20% off the proceeds go to Project Esperanza. I am a sucker for charity causes.

Shipping is a flat $25 to Canada. that may seem high but given how shipping rates have skyrocketed over the last few years I think it is pretty reasonable. Especially for bulkier items like the robes, it is not an unreasonable amount. I was talking to Anna about this deal and mentioned the Christmas tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve that was always pajamas. If I got these pajamas for Christmas, then I would be pretty happy. This is the first time we have mentioned this company on Bargainmoose so please give them a warm welcome.

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  • Anna W.
    Some lovely PJ sets on there!