Beauty Mark Canada: Up to 75% Off

Beauty Mark Canada: Up to 75% Off


Beauty Mark Canada has a lovely little sale section with up to 75% off (more like up to 77.8% off but who is counting?).

There were a bunch of deals that really caught my eye! First off, if you need a case for your tablet there is nothing more inexpensive and yet still good quality than these Quilted Tablet Sleeves that were $45 and are now $10 each! The one I just linked to is turquoise and you can also get them in pink, red, and many other colours.

Another great deal I found was this set of Common Beauty Lip Gloss Palattes that were $25 and are now $7. They have every shade you could ever think of turning your lips at an outrageously reasonable price too. They also have a ton of nail polish for 50% off and a ton of eye shadow for around 66% off in the sale section.

Shipping starts at $9.95 and goes up to $12.95 depending on how much you buy. They offer free shipping on orders of $99+

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