BBQ Meat Shredder Claws $19.54 @ Amazon

BBQ Meat Shredder Claws $19.54 @ Amazon

While trying to google random and unique ideas for Father's Day, I came across what I thought was a Wolverine joke. You know Wolverine, the X-Men guy with the claws that pop out? In any event, I was on Amazon and came across theseBBQ Meat Shredding Claws, on sale for $19.54 and stopped instantly.

While I'm personally not a huge X-Men or Wolverine fan, I've seen my share of the movies and know these will be a bit hit. Regularly $23.99, I feel like this will be the gift that keeps on giving, each and every time he uses them and I'm reminded of the sheer awesomeness, of my gift giving ability.

So what are the Shredding Claws all about?

  • The claws are made of premium stainless steel, not plastic or nylon, to avoid bending or melting into your food
  • The handles are made of solid wood
  • Claws have six tines each, to shred meat easily in seconds
  • They are Dishwasher Safe - that's my favourite part!
  • You can use as lifters, shredders, meat forks for cutting and so much more

Since I know a few avid meat eaters, I'm going to order 2 sets and take advantage of the Free Shipping on orders of $35+


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  • Linda H.

    They look like dangerous weapons! lol

    • KaylaS

      I ordered these last year from Amazon but they were hard durable black plastic, worked great and cost half as much at around $8-$10. I think they were called bear claws.