Trimö Electric Nail Trimmer for Babies $34.95

Keeping those teeny nails tidy just got a whole lot simpler
Trimö Electric Nail Trimmer for Babies $34.95

If you have a wee one at home or will soon, you might be wondering how exactly you're going to trim their nails. Luckily, the process isn't quite as complicated as trying to clip a dog, cat or pet rabbit's nails, but you want to make sure your kiddo's first "manicure" goes as smoothly and safely as possible.

That's where the Trimö Electric Nail Trimmer comes in. It's made by baby company bblüv and designed to make the process painless for both you and your kiddo. It gently files nails for your youngest family members, and you'll never have to worry about finding child-sized clippers and very carefully using them again.

This electric trimmer is super quiet and comes with four interchangeable filing disks, intended to treat nails of different ages: birth to three months old, three to six months, six months to a year and over 12 months. There's a two-speed switch, so you can control how fast the disk moves, and it comes with a case and stand.

I found the entire set at Chapters for $34.95, along with a few more of their products, like this adorable and hilarious Käp you can use to keep soap and shampoo out of your kiddo's eyes during bath time.

However, if you're placing an order with Amazon sometime soon, you should be able to tag on one of these nail trimmers for the same price. They usually sell the kit for $36.99, but you can buy one for $34.95. It will ship free for Amazon Prime members or as part of a $35 order. Chapters orders over $25 ship free.

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