Bazinga! The Big Bang Theory Lego Set! $56, after $14 Off @ Chapters Indigo Canada

Bazinga! The Big Bang Theory Lego Set! $56, after $14 Off @ Chapters Indigo Canada

Edit: We now have a Mega LEGO post, you will want to head over there! It will help you select the Lego you want, at the best prices that you can find.

Our whole Universe was in a hot, dense state but it's easy to see why The Big Bang Theory Lego set has 94% of reviewers from Chapters Indigo recommending this 'nerdy show' Lego set. That being said, count me in for one! The sale price is $56, down from $70. Other Canadian retailers such as Toys R Us and Walmart are selling this set for $70. also carries this set, for the same price right now as Chapters Indigo. You can earn 280 Plum Points at Chapters Indigo if you are a Plum Points Reward member, and it's free to sign up.

This Lego set was designed by Lego fan designers. Alatariel from Sweden, and Blen Bricker from the USA. Their design was selected by Lego Ideas members. You can tell how much effort went into the planning, design, and intricate detailing to ensure that the entire set was a believable and fun replica set of the hit TV sitcom series.

The Big Bang Theory is a show that is endearing to most - I suspect many of us have a 'Sheldon' in our lives (someone with traits and characteristics akin to his) that we can all relate on a personal level to the show.

I'm impressed that they included the entire group of Lego figurines: Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy, and Bernadette - but how could they leave any of them out, they are all such an integral part of the show.

The included telescope, whiteboard, DNA display model and various ornaments will allow your child (or you) to recreate scenes from the TV show. A booklet about the designers and The Big Bang Theory is also included.

The next season of The Big Bang Theory will be interesting, as we see how Bernadette and Howard deal with the life changing event of their first born child.

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