Bath Caddy & Spa Gift Set $33 + Free Shipping @ Amazon

Bath Caddy & Spa Gift Set $33 + Free Shipping @ Amazon


What a wonderful gift this set would make for any occasion! Gift your partner this Taymore Bath Caddy and Spa Gift Set from Amazon, along with a half hour of peace in the tub, and you'll score major points - all for just $33.15.

The polished chrome bathtub caddy features a removable reading rack to hold your book or magazine as you relax and unwind.

As a bonus, this set includes a spa kit to assist with the pampering. The kit consists of a loofah, mesh body sponge, pumice stone and nail brush.

It's always wise to take measurements before purchases like this but the caddy does expand up to 38" in width to fit across tubs of most sizes. The ends are coated in vinyl to prevent scratching. This bath caddy set would be quite pretty in any bathroom, as well - not just functional!

If you like to relax in a nice warm bath (and have some time to do so), or know and love someone who does, this would be very handy to have. Aside from your book, it looks like a glass of wine would sit quite nicely, as well!

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