Baskin Robbins joins Student Price Card

Baskin Robbins joins Student Price Card


Baskin Robbins has teamed up with SPC to offer you more ice cream for your money, who can resist? Students need sugar! With SPC card in hand you can upsize any regular beverage or sundae to a large for free. A large sundae... yummmmmm! :-D

Don't forget about the Baskin Robbins' birthday club, which will give you a coupon for a free ice cream on your birthday too. More ice cream for less is an excellent deal. I think the SPC card is redeeming itself since the loss of some major companies from it this last year.

Don't forget, the SPC card is only $10! Whether you are a part time student or full time student... in junior high.. high school, college or university, order your SPC card to save.


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