Bargains To Look For In January

Bargains To Look For In January


Today, I've got a guest Post by Kenji Crosland of TeachStreet. He is going to write a little bit about hunting for bargains in January!

Every month is a good month for deals and January is no exception. Here are some items to be on the lookout for:

Linens and Bed Sheets -- In 1878, John Wannamaker of the Famous Philadelphia department store came up with the idea of the “White Sale,” where linens and bed sheets would be sold at a discount. Wannamaker came up with the idea for the sale to help support the linen makers during leaner months. The “White” comes from the fact that the linens were came in only one color: white. Nowadays, white sales aren’t limited to just bed sheets and linens but now include household items. In general, however, the price of nice bed sheets and linens are much lower in January than in other months.

Weddings -- Everyone wants a wedding in warmer weather, making January a less than popular month for tying the knot. It's worth considering however. Venues are much easier to reserve and the cost can be quite negligible. Also if theme weddings are your thing, there are plenty of “Winter Wonderland” wedding packages that will supply all the appropriate decor. Also, there’s nothing more romantic than a little extra cash left over for the honeymoon!

Televisions and Home Theatre Equipment -- The manufacturers of home theatre equipment usually debut their new models in August, and make a big push to sell them during the Christmas season. After the Christmas push, there’s quite a lot of good stuff left over.

Christmas Stuff -- Speaking of Christmas, be sure to stock up on decorations, toys, and also Christmas chocolates. Stuff all of next years’ Christmas presents into a box and you can avoid the mad rush in the month of December.

Houses -- Braving the cold to go home shopping isn’t most people's idea of a fun time, which means that real estate agents are extra lonely this time of year. If you’re looking for your dream home, don your warmest jacket (that you bought in March) and begin your hunt. If you do actually find a home you can also buy air conditioners, carpeting and flooring--all of which are super cheap this time of year.

Gym Memberships -- Keep your eyes open for some serious New Years resolution deals from fitness centers. January is their biggest month, and with all the gyms competing to capture a segment of the “resolutioneers” there can be some great cut-rate deals out there. Although the gyms may be a little crowded in January when you join, it can be well worth it to ride it out until the day after Valentines day, which is for some reason the day when many folks stop going to the gym and sell their treadmills.

As you can see, January is a great month for bargains. You might not think to get some of the above things on the list until you really need them, but that’s usually the time you pay a premium. Have a happy (and frugal) new year!

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  • Steve Z.
    Houses are a great time to buy now. I have bought both of my places in the spring for some reason.