Bargainmoose Contest: Win a $250 Pre-Paid Visa Card With Swarmjam

*** Contest now closed - congrats to Bargainmooser Monica as announced here on Swarmjam's Twitter *** is one of the daily deals sites in Canada who we sometimes post about here on Bargainmoose. They have offered to give one of our lovely Moosers a special prize - a $250 pre-paid Visa card!

It's a 2 step contest this time, so please read this carefully to make sure you are entered correctly.

1. Go to Swarmjam and sign up for daily emails in the city of your choice

2. Come back here to Bargainmoose and leave a comment below (why not tell us what you would like to spend your $250 prize on?)

Prize: A $250 pre-paid Visa card. The winner can use their prize anywhere that accepts Visa.

I could do with the $250 pre-paid visa card myself! I'd buy some new sweaters, I really need some... I've got my eye on one at Roots.

I've spotted a very interesting deal on Swarmjam Kingston actually. Have you ever heard of whiskey stones?! They're little cubes of granite that you keep in your freezer, and then use them to cool alcoholic beverages without diluting it with ice cubes - pretty cool! It was my Great Uncle's 90th birthday last week and I was racking my brains trying to think of something he doesn't have - wish I'd know about these, as he is partial to a little tipple. They're only $19 on Swarmjam.


  • Ends 23rd February 2012
  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entrant per household
  • Must use valid email address in both contest stages so we can contact winner
  • Rules subject to change, admin’s decision is final

Note: Winning comment will be cross-referenced with Swarmjam's mailing list


  • peepsi16
    WOW this is a goodie! I would def use it to plan a get away outta town!
  • glhntr16
    I would use it towards a weekend getaway for my husband and me!
  • Jennifer
    Thanks for another great post!
  • leah
    agreed! this one is GOOD!
  • Dee
    Great prize! I would use the $250.00 to purchase some new 'back to work' clothes since my mat leave is coming to an end.
  • pamr.
    I would love to buy myself some new books
  • Emily
    Id love to go shopping for some clothes !
  • joy
    I would use it for a little getaway. Winter blues are hitting hard even though we haven't had much of a winter! The Lip Trendz they are selling for Peel Region are pretty fancy!!!
  • Kourtney
    Cool! I'm fairly certain that I would spend a lot of that pre-paid Visa card on some books on! Also, I would totally benefit from the SwarmJam deal on IPhone battery packs seeing as I'm always searching deals on my own IPhone, which has a tendency to kill the battery life ;) It would also allow me to be on my BargainMoose app for longer, best app ever!
  • Nadine
    Clothes! I really need some new clothes. And of course a little something for the kiddies...
  • Gigi
    I would love to go shopping for a ebook reader!
  • mariz
    I'd buy some cool stuff for my son
  • Aastha
    Would use the 250$ for a wardrobe change for my lovely Mom! V-day present for her as she definitely needs more work clothes...
  • Kayleigh
    With $250 I would throw my little sister an awesome 18th birthday in Banff.
  • subber6
    Shopping! I'm ready.
  • CalgaryCaper
    This is a great contest! I would buy a new camera, mine is pretty outdated. :)
  • Anita
    Ooooooh - LOVE this one!!! I would use it towards a fun weekend with my two fantastic sons!
  • KylieC
    I'd like to get myself a new camera since mine is dying on me! lol
  • Rachel
    I'm so gonna get some SHOES!!! Wanna get my wardrobe ready for spring!!
  • dz
    Awesome. I would buy my wife a new ipod for the gym. Thanks
  • Melissa
    It would be a difficult decision but I would use it to purchase some new clothes since my pre-pregnancy ones don't seem to fit yet or put it towards a long due family vacation.
  • Scott
    I'd be going on a big high-tech shopping spree.
  • Pat
    Great contest for sure. I would get myself a "bath chair" since I'm about to go through another major surgery with many months of recovery ahead of me!
  • Natalie
    I would love to use this gift card for some new clothes!
  • Cal
    A new bbq with summer coming on fast!
  • Flo
    I would spend some of it on deals found on bargainmoose and swarmjam...thanks Bargainmoose!
  • katama381
    If I won it would go towards getting a laptop for my youngest who s in university. Thank you.
  • Steven
    I would like to buy a GPS so the family could do alittle more traveling without having to use maps printed off the computer.
  • heidi
    i would use it to update my wardrobe, as i've just gone back after mat leave.
  • Bluenoser
    Hi, I've signed up for Swarmjam. I would save the gift card to spend when I go to NYC this spring! Thanks so much for all your bargain-finding work.
  • Shirley
    I think I would use it for booking a hotel out of town for my family for March break. We don't have a credit card and can't get one due to some past financial problems, so it would be nice to be able to go away for a day or two with the kids without having to worry about showing up at a hotel and them not having a room because we couldn't prebook or having to pay outlandish deposits where we don't have a credit card. Just because we had some financial issues doesn't mean we are bad people! :)
  • emma w.
    I think a staycation deal or some serious shopping would be in order! I could use some new jeans
  • Lesley
    I'd treat my hubby; he'll never admit to wanting a new pair of hiking boots, but I think he'd really like a new pair!
  • Alexandra S.
    Exciting contest. I'd use the pre-paid Visa to buy myself a new spring coat -- I think I owe myself one!
  • rajni
    lovely deal
  • Chris
    I'd get an ipad3.
  • Wendy
    I'd love the gift card to take a weekend getaway with hubby.
  • Dallard
    As a carpool driver of a bunch of school-aged teens, I would use the VISA gift card for gas... and ear plugs.
  • Melissa
    Awesome! Books & a fancypants blender! =)
  • Jackie
    I would use it towards the hotel stay in Quebec city for my daughter's next surgery.
  • Rebecca
    What a fabulous contest! I could use that money to pay part of my upcoming holiday. What a blessing that would be!
  • C18
    What a great prize! I'd put it towards a really comfy, classic looking chair! I pretty disastrously injured my back, hip, and pelvis a year or two ago, and sitting for more than a few minutes at a time hasn't really been an option, so I'm dreaming of a chair that gives me at least a few more minutes of sitting time!
  • Art
    I'd buy a Playbook from RIM with the prize.
  • janicour
    I was already a member , but would use it towards the 3 day weekend at Sun Peaks. Great contest. Happy Valentines Day!
  • John
    Do we have to register to or just subscribe? Because I just received the email thanking me for subscribing What I would use the card for? Comic books :P
  • Danielle
    i would treat my mom and sister to a girls day :)
  • Emily
    I would use the $250 towards my trip to Vegas in the summer!!
  • Jennifer g.
    Just signed up with Swarmjam! I would love to be able to get gifts for my family, they enjoy getting books & DVD's from Chapters & Amazon!
  • Deborah B.
    Spending money for my upcoming vacation!!!
  • Kaila B.
    I would love to get my kids both new bikes for this summer!
  • Erin S.
    I would used the visa card to buy some much needed clothes for myself!
  • Matthieu C.
    I would finally upgrade my PC with a new graphics card. My 4 year old 8800GT is starting to struggle playing newer games.
  • Crystal W.
    I would use the gift card towards a couple of cosmetic fixes for the house.
  • Vanessa
    I would love to buy some new work clothes with this!
  • Lyndsay
    I would love to put the $250 towards a running stroller.
  • cindy
    I would use the card this summer to help with our family vacation.
  • janet
    I would use the $250 to buy my new niece/nephew a pack n' play!
  • Colleen
    I would love to put the $250 toward painting the interior of my home.
  • Iris
    I would use the money to buy an airplan ticket for my husband visit his mother who he hasn't seen for 4 years.
  • Mike
    I'd love the visa card to use towards a new camera lens!
  • Arlene M.
    I would use the card to buy the few things needed to complete our bathroom renovation.
  • Kelly
    I would love to take my kids away for a little mini vacay for March break.
  • Tammy
    I would use it for hotel to take my son to basketball tryouts.
  • Jenny
    I would use the money towards buying my husband a kick-ass 30th birthday gift!
  • Jen F.
    I would use it for a night out with my hubby -- leave the kiddies with the grandparents :)
  • Lesley
    I would use the money to buy some window coverings for my newly painting livingroom.
  • natalie
    i would take the family out for dinner, a movie and bowling. we'd have a fun family date...and maybe buy myself something pretty to wear that night
  • Suhaib
    I would buy some textbooks for school, engineering textbooks cost a fortune
  • stacey
    I would use it to purchase an outdoor adventure, like kayaking or swimming or camping!
  • Swinay
    I would definitely use the 250$ towards buying an ipad for my daughter! :) She would love it!
  • Hwachang L.
    I would use the money to take my son for a ski trip.
  • Coleene
    I would use the prepaid Visa card to buy groceries for my family.
  • Carrie
    I'd put it towards a brand new DSLR camera :)
  • Darryl M.
    $250 would be a good start towards an iPad.
  • Mike G.
    I would put it towards a trip to a sunny place!
  • Angela G.
    I'd put the $250 towards a new computer.
  • Andy
    This money is gonna go towards me and my fiancées wedding!! :D
  • Rustteeedoll
    My birthday is Feb. 23rd, & I would love to get a great hair color with highlights or lowlights from a professional stylist & salon, so I'm almost positive that would take up most of the $250 visa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rustteeedoll
    Also, my MUM is 88 years old & in the hospital in Alberta, so I would use it to purchase a plane ticket to visit her during spring break!!!! Thanks.
  • Linda
    I would like to relax with a Swedish massage. Then I would get a nice haircut.
  • sunshine
    I would buy a nice leather jacket
  • Kim D.
    I would use it to take my hubby and kids out for an awesome day of FUN!!
  • Annie
    I think I would use it for a food processor, since I've been meaning to get one for some time now... :)
  • sheila
    I would use the $250 towards our next trip
  • ANGIE w.
    We are in a financial bind at the moment, with my hubby off work with a broken hand, so I would use $250 to re-stock the freezer and the pantry!
  • samantha
    I would use the $250 Visa towards the baby room for my newest little girl!!
  • aussie m.
    i would use it to treat my kids to somewhere fancy like high tea at the fairmont royal york!
  • Sherri
    I would use it towards a new computer because this one keeps crashing everyday!
  • Brenda
    I would start shopping for great spring clothing deals!
  • sneeker
    I would buy my wife a beautiful present with the $250, since she spoiled me with her superbowl winnings! :)
  • Amanda
    Thanks for the great contest! =) I would use the $250 to buy a dresser for my bedroom.
  • palguire
    I would spend the $250 on a family outing and then dinner with my wife.
  • Michelle
    Hmm....I would either save it toward a family vacation or use it on household items to help me get organized!
  • wendigirl
    i would love almost any of the great things that swarmjam offers... however i need to be practical and would use towards a dental office visit
  • claudia m.
    New laptop!!! or save it for the next vacation!
  • Andrea W.
    I love to use Swarmjam! I would use the money to decorate in our bedroom.
  • Nick
    signed up !
  • rajni
    New blackberry ipad
  • Miranda
    I would use the $250 and go out for a night with my husband for some much needed kid-free time!
  • judy
    pay off christmas bills
  • Chantel I.
    I would put the money towards a new purse. Mine broke about a month after I bought it, but since I bought it on vacation, I couldn't take it back :(
  • Heidi C.
    I would love to give the $250 to the cancer charity of my brother and sister-in-law's choice. My one year-old nephew has been diagnosed with a very rare form of liver cancer and has been receiving intensive treatment for it. It would be great to give back for all the help he has been receiving.
  • Tina
    I would use the money to have a pamper mommy day at the spa!
  • Margot
    Signed up and hoping to win the VISA!
  • Dario S.
    I would use the $250 card to finance my first DSLR camera (I'm eyeing the Sony NEX-3C!) as a first step towards taking professional pictures.
  • megan
    Subscribed! Thanks for the opportunity.
  • Kendra
    I would use them to buy some natural supplements and organic groceries!
  • Mars
    I'd use it towards a new TV :0)
  • Leanne B.
    I would spend the money on buying my daughter some cute spring outfits! PS. Have gotten some great deals on swarmjam!
  • von
    i will use it to buy a new watch for my wife if there are good deals on that
  • Candace B.
    What a great give a way. I would spend it on textbooks for school; as a mom to teenagers going to nursing school it would come in handy!
  • Krista
    I would put it towards the new carseat we need to buy for our growing family of 5:)
  • Cherie
    I would use the visa to purchase groceries and take my kids bowling or swimming :D
  • Jenny
    I have been wanting a guitar for the longest time but no one thinks I can stick it out to fully learn it (esp with school in the way) - and hence, i've never received it as a gift.. but if I won this gift card, no one can say anything about me getting guitar ;)
  • Anne
    I'd buy myself something pretty, and put the rest towards moving to Vancouver Island!
  • Doris C.
    Subscribed and I would use it toward a scooter:)
  • Tava
    My $250 spending spree would go as follows 1 - spend on much needed Physiotherapy 2 - wait 4-6 weeks for Insurance refund 3 - repeat steps 1 & 2 4 - save refund money and go on shopping spree for much needed replacement counter top appliances at Zellers closing sales
  • Elisha
    Ooh, I think I'd buy some new clothes for work, I won't have anything to wear once the weather warms up!
  • Erica R.
    Subscribed :) I would spend it towards getting a better mattress for my husband and I
  • Ruth
    Signed up - maybe a weekend away with my hubby!
  • mrima
    I would love to buy a nice new pair of boots!!! mine are getting old!!!
  • Karen
    Signed up - maybe towards an electric bike (so I don't have to drive around in our big truck all spring and summer)
  • lelalacc
    i'd spend it on new, warm winter boots and also treat my boyfriend to a fab dinner
  • Donnas
    I'd use the money to help my daughter with her college expenses.
  • Penny
    I'd spend it on repairs to my house, hotwater heater flooded my downstairs, soaking and destroying everything, home warranty expired, hotwater warranty expired, one parent one income, and I've been home sick for 6weeks.
  • Leslie
    I'm expecting in Sept so I would go crazy buying baby stuff!!
  • Karyn
    I'd spend the money part on some fun teaching materials for my First Graders and part on some relaxation/spa time for me for when I'm not teaching :)
  • Natalie
    I would put it toward completing my degree.
  • Brenna
    Buy new baby items!
  • Steven
    I honestly dont know what I would spend the money on but I'm sure it would be spent on something I dont need but would make me happy.
  • Amanda W.
    I would spend the money on my 10yr old daughter, for medical costs not covered by our provincial health plan.
  • Melissa C.
    I would go to Ricki's and buy myself some much needed new clothes!! I've been losing weight and looking great so what better way to celebrate?
  • Katie
    I would spend the $250 on a nice dinner and evening out for my husband and I - date nights seem to be few and far between these days!
  • Moi
    New Clothes! Need to seriously update my wardrobe and also buy a new coat for Mom :):):)
  • aicha1
    sing up ! buy something for my daugther
  • Ignatius
    I would use them to buy new gaming headset. I really need it. :)
  • BobbiJo P.
    I would take my son shopping :-)
  • Mrs D.
    This would be amazing and I would use the money for groceries... all the expensive fun stuff not on the weekly list (my tummy is getting happy just thinking about it). Good luck to everyone.
  • Marg H.
    What a fantastic site, I subscribed in a flash. If I were the lucky winner I would select a swarmjam offer that normally would be unobtainable within my day to day budget....... Something very special and memorable, maybe a romantic getaway for my husband and me. :)
  • patrick
    I would spend the money from swarmjam on a much needed mini spring break getaway! Thanks for this great chance to win.
  • janicour
    I would use it towards the manicure/pedicure packages. I allready subscribe to SwarmJam, and take advantage of their deals often.
  • Nick
    I would put the $250 towards a new purse! A treat, just for me! :) I LOVE SwarmJam!!
  • Rebecca
    Vacation!!! I am feeling the need for some sunshine.
  • Laurie
    I'd use it to go toward a new stroller. The one we have now is a hand me down and is a bit rickety. I have my eye on a baby jogger so I can exercise outside once spring comes.
  • Stacie
    Would take advantage of a spa deal or two and put the rest of the money towards the new baby due soon!
  • Anna Z.
    We're in the middle of painting our entire house, so $250 would buy at least 4 rooms of paint! :)
  • Jenica
    I would spend my card on a new sewing machine!!
  • M.Chan
    Love to spend it on my family!
  • UncleStuart
    I'd go to the dollar store and buy 217 pencils with my name on it ($32.5 for HST) The $0.50 left over would buy me a handful of M&Ms in the candy dispenser.
  • Dale
    I would use it to buy some new computer parts.
  • lilpeej
    I would like to spend my $250 prize on a much-needed jacket and pair of pants, some vitamins, and a sushi lunch for my mother and me!
  • Krystine
    I've have thinking about purchasing the Kobo reader, so if I did win the prepaid Visa card I would probably go ahead and do just that :)
  • luluskiptomy
    I would use the $250 towards a new bedframe. My old iron bed sounds so rickety that I'm always afraid it'll finally give out on me every time I get into bed!
  • Suzanne
    I would use the $250 to go to the spa and get a massage and pedicure.
  • Amanda
    I'd treat my Mum to a weekend away, at the Sylvia in Vancouver. We could watch the sun set over English Bay.
  • Betty C.
    I would use it to buy a new TV~
  • Norine
    I would spend the Visa card on a beautiful new bag from Roots and a long overdue, relaxing massage.
  • Sarai
    I'd put it towards our upcoming vacation, or buying clothes for it.
  • Jeff
    I would use the Visa card to buy my wife's birthday present (if I can figure out what to get her.)
  • gardener
    I buy "Roll up the Rim" coffee - maybe I win a car there.
  • henry
    ipod touch.
  • Steph S.
    I have a swarmjam account and am subscribed for Ottawa emails!! I would shop for new clothes for myself and my kids for spring!!!
  • Megan
    I would use the Visa to buy some new clothes : )
  • Charles
    with 250$ I'd be spending it on preparations for my girlfriend's birthday :)
  • Colleen S.
    I would probably buy some new clothes and a cookbook that I've been wanting.
  • Linda
    I would buy some new glasses, get a totally different haircut, some new clothes, and then lunch or dinner.
  • Lisa M.
    My mom is getting married later this year and I want to throw a crazy luxurious bachelorette party...that's what I would spend the VISA card on for sure!
  • cynthia
    WoW to win that money just would be awesome, I would go out and treat the people on the streets that need a coffee or something to eat.
  • Natalie
    I would love to spend my gift certificate to buy something special for my boyfriend. :)
  • ASharp
    I would spend it on a family outing
  • Angela
    I will use the $250 visa card toward a trip to Las Vegas for me and my special guy!
  • Rita
    I would spend it on a nice dinner with my family :)
  • Marryam B.
    I would spend it to buy some new clothes for my son and myself. shahzad_b80 at hotmail dot com
  • Wendy
    I would spend the money on new workout clothes.
  • Melinda
    Great giveaway! I'd spend $250 on a nice anniversary trip for my husband and I in April. We haven't been anywhere together since our kids were born 3 years ago!
  • Karla S.
    I signed up to their emails. ksceviour at hotmail dot com I would probably start to buy some spring clothes for myself!
  • LINDA B.
    I would spend the money on an night out with my husband. We have 2 kids (2 and 5 months) and haven't been out since our yongest was born.
  • Andrea W.
    Already a Swarmjam subscriber! Could really use the money to pay some dental bills!
    I would like to spend my $250 prize on a very nice meal for my family and maybe some shoes and a new outfit.
  • judy
    i am saving to go to maui, so it would be great
  • Donna L.
    I would buy a nice spring coat with the prize. I subscribed to Swarmjam e-mails.
  • Linda P.
    I would purchase a Kindle for my hubby, thanks Signed up
  • Lorilee
    I would buy organizing stuff for my house and some clothes for me. Thanks for the chance!
  • Alice
    I'd like to spend it on some new clothing items for the weight I've lost!
  • Ida
    I would love to win this contest and use the money on some new clothes.
  • Emily H.
    I just came back from doing an exchange term in Scotland, which pretty much wiped out all my savings! To make sure I don't accumulate too much more student loan this term, I haven't gone shopping since mid-November (not even boxing day!). If I do win $250, I will do some much-needed shopping! Thanks! :)
  • Samantha
    Not sure exactly what I would spend it on but I would definately be shopping in Lulu and Sephora :)
  • Rita
    I would go shopping for some new clothes at stores where I wouldn't normally buy at regular retail prices, like Banana Republic.
  • MarcieMarce
    $250? I think buying some nice funny novelty t shirts for me and my gal would be fun. Or even a night out at the falls.
  • Jen F.
    I would probably get some new clothes
  • Carrie
    I would use the $250 towards a spring getaway for my husband and I. It's been a long year and we need some time to disconnect.
  • Michelle E.
    I love Groupd Deals! You get amazing deals on so many different things. I would spend the $250 on some summer clothes and maybe a night out for hubby and I!
  • Dallas
    I would use the $250 towards something for our recent basement reno.
  • Kim
    I could definitely use that $250 toward a new pair of sunglass!!
  • Nina N.
    I would love toward gas @ $1.32/l in vancouver, it's a small fortune to fuel up my SUV.
  • Joanna
    I would use it towards an iPad! :)
  • Shauna
    I would share half with a family who isn't expecting it. I know of a family who is moving to another country and could use the support. The other half? Dinner with my wonderful husband and new flowers for the front of my house. I REALLY want spring to come.
  • PJ
    Who won?
  • John
    yes, who did win?
    • Anna
      Post updated - please read above - thanks to everyone for entering!

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