Bargainmoose Contest: Win a $250 Pre-Paid Visa Card With Swarmjam

Bargainmoose Contest: Win a $250 Pre-Paid Visa Card With Swarmjam

*** Contest now closed - congrats to Bargainmooser Monica as announced here on Swarmjam's Twitter *** is one of the daily deals sites in Canada who we sometimes post about here on Bargainmoose. They have offered to give one of our lovely Moosers a special prize - a $250 pre-paid Visa card!

It's a 2 step contest this time, so please read this carefully to make sure you are entered correctly.

1. Go to Swarmjam and sign up for daily emails in the city of your choice

2. Come back here to Bargainmoose and leave a comment below (why not tell us what you would like to spend your $250 prize on?)

Prize: A $250 pre-paid Visa card. The winner can use their prize anywhere that accepts Visa.

I could do with the $250 pre-paid visa card myself! I'd buy some new sweaters, I really need some... I've got my eye on one at Roots.

I've spotted a very interesting deal on Swarmjam Kingston actually. Have you ever heard of whiskey stones?! They're little cubes of granite that you keep in your freezer, and then use them to cool alcoholic beverages without diluting it with ice cubes - pretty cool! It was my Great Uncle's 90th birthday last week and I was racking my brains trying to think of something he doesn't have - wish I'd know about these, as he is partial to a little tipple. They're only $19 on Swarmjam.


  • Ends 23rd February 2012
  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entrant per household
  • Must use valid email address in both contest stages so we can contact winner
  • Rules subject to change, admin’s decision is final

Note: Winning comment will be cross-referenced with Swarmjam's mailing list


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  • peepsi16
    WOW this is a goodie! I would def use it to plan a get away outta town!
    • glhntr16
      I would use it towards a weekend getaway for my husband and me!
      • Jennifer
        Thanks for another great post!
        • leah
          agreed! this one is GOOD!
          • Dee
            Great prize! I would use the $250.00 to purchase some new 'back to work' clothes since my mat leave is coming to an end.
            • pamr.
              I would love to buy myself some new books
              • Emily
                Id love to go shopping for some clothes !
                • joy
                  I would use it for a little getaway. Winter blues are hitting hard even though we haven't had much of a winter! The Lip Trendz they are selling for Peel Region are pretty fancy!!!
                  • Kourtney
                    Cool! I'm fairly certain that I would spend a lot of that pre-paid Visa card on some books on! Also, I would totally benefit from the SwarmJam deal on IPhone battery packs seeing as I'm always searching deals on my own IPhone, which has a tendency to kill the battery life ;) It would also allow me to be on my BargainMoose app for longer, best app ever!
                    • Nadine
                      Clothes! I really need some new clothes. And of course a little something for the kiddies...
                      • Gigi
                        I would love to go shopping for a ebook reader!
                        • mariz
                          I'd buy some cool stuff for my son
                          • Aastha
                            Would use the 250$ for a wardrobe change for my lovely Mom! V-day present for her as she definitely needs more work clothes...
                            • Kayleigh
                              With $250 I would throw my little sister an awesome 18th birthday in Banff.
                              • subber6
                                Shopping! I'm ready.
                                • CalgaryCaper
                                  This is a great contest! I would buy a new camera, mine is pretty outdated. :)
                                  • Anita
                                    Ooooooh - LOVE this one!!! I would use it towards a fun weekend with my two fantastic sons!
                                    • KylieC
                                      I'd like to get myself a new camera since mine is dying on me! lol
                                      • Rachel
                                        I'm so gonna get some SHOES!!! Wanna get my wardrobe ready for spring!!
                                        • dz
                                          Awesome. I would buy my wife a new ipod for the gym. Thanks