Bargainmoose Contest: Win a $100 Pre-Paid Mastercard From Shell Canada

*** Contest now closed, winner is Mooser Brandy! ***

This week on Bargainmoose, we've got a nice little giveaway for a $100 prize for one of the Moosers, courtesy of Shell Canada.

Prize: $100 worth of Shell Prepaid Mastercards

How to enter:

1. Leave a comment below telling us what exactly your $100 prize could be spent on (1 entry)

2. Tweet a link about this contest to @bargainmoose (1 entry)

3. Subscribe to the Bargainmoose daily email updates (1 entry)


  • Canadian entrants only
  • 1 type of entry per household
  • Must use valid email address when commenting
  • Ends 20th April 2012

Added bonus - Shell is giving away 5,000 Air Miles rewards to 5 people through the Shell 5 x 5,000 Contest on Facebook. Click "like" on there to find out more. That would be a super one to win!


  • Alicia
    I would fill up my tank with the 100 dollars, grab a bag of chips and some water load up the ladies, and head out for a drive with some girlfriends for a well deserved me time weekend!
  • melissa
    A stroller for my baby!! really needed!!!
  • Sandra
    I would like to invest it in a good SLR camera.
  • Jen
    I'd go to the market and buy a bunch of sausages and bacon!!!
  • Dave
    A good barbeque. Beef, buns and beer
  • Sherri
    I would put it towards a new computer since mine keeps crashing every few minutes! Thank you.
  • Stephanie
    I need new clothes so I'd probably spend it at Banana Republic using one of your published coupons... Twitter name: Canuckthrunthru.
  • dealhunter
    I would use it to pay skyrocketing tuition fees!
  • Jennifer
    I'll be honest -- I'll probably buy diapers with it for my baby girl.
  • Tracey
    I'd like to buy new patio furniture!
  • Mary
    I will most likely use it towards gifts for my little Nephews for their birthdays coming up.
  • patti
    I probably would also buy diapers and stock up my pantry, thanks
  • jm
    I would buy a grad gift for my son.
  • Lori
    Considering it's a gas-related contest, it would more than likely go towards gas.
  • Alexandra
    I would spend it on groceries, use it to stuck up.
  • KathrynLT
    I would put it towards my tuition
  • StephanieJ
    I would put it towards a new camera, ours just broke and we're having a baby soon!
  • StephanieJ
    I subscribe to daily emails
  • Melissa
    I would fill up my car and put the rest towards groceries for the week. It would put a big smile on my face!
  • J
    Gas! :D
  • Crystal W.
    I would put it towards the school fees we are still paying for the year.
  • Crystal W.
    Tweeted, thanks!!/BabyDollMaker/status/190981584994832385
  • Crystal W.
    I am subscribed to daily emails, thank you!
  • Steven
    I would use it to pay bills, of course! :)
  • sheila
    I would use it towards groceries or gas
  • Cee
    Probably use it for gas fill ups!
  • JennBoyle
    I could buy summer clothes for my 3 kids, groceries for the week, gas for the many options! Would be great!
  • cher
    we're moving because my husband has a new job.. so probably something to make the move easier... like something for the new home, ...or a few bottles of red! ;)
  • Sarah
    With gas prices the way they are, I'd have to use it for some Shell gas!
  • Jen C.
    I would give it to my friend who always drives me around! I would tell her she has to spend it on gas!
  • katrina
    i'd use it to stock up our mostly empty liquor cabinet
  • Liz
    I would spend my $100 on clothes shopping! Particularly buying pants and blouses for work from Banana Republic and The Bay.
  • Liz
    I would spend my $100 on clothes shopping! Particularly buying pants and blouses for work from Banana Republic and The Bay!
  • Melanie
    Most likely for gas! Always need gas!
  • oreo
    i could use it to adopt a cat.
  • Juvy
    If ever I won't I want to spend to my3 kids!!! Thnx goodluck to everyone
  • Pat
    Would definitely use it to buy gas for our van. Gas is just too darn expensive these days!
  • Katie G.
    I wish I could say it would be for something really exciting, but I'd probably be responsible and put it toward bills... I tweeted the contest:!/Zedley84/status/191112527613140992 (@Zedley84) and I am following by e-mail (
  • Karen
    Spend it on a day with the grandkids!
  • Suzanne L.
    I would buy healthy food.
  • Kathy
    I would fill up my tank and buy groceries!
  • emma w.
    the $100 gas gift card would be used for a cross border shopping trip to Erie with my mom. we would spend the night and shop until we drop at the outlets. I am sure between gas and hotel the $100 bucks would be used very quickly
  • emma w.
  • Melissa
    I will use it for gas to drive to the city and shop with friends :)
  • Paulette C.
    I would use the air miles to buy groceries at Metro.
  • Chris
    I would use it to buy supplies for our new kitten that we are getting tomorrow.
  • Julie
    I would use it to pay a part of my tuition fees.
  • Kevlar
    With the price of fuel these days, money is tight, so it would go toward putting gas in the tank and food on the table.
  • Penelope
    I'd use it to pay for gasoline to get back and forth between the shopping malls.
  • janicour
    With the price of gas today, I would use it to fill my tank, would take me to work and back for the week:)
  • Cheryl (.
    I would spend this $100 on gas to travel to visit my mom with my 2 year old son.
  • Cheryl (.
    I subscribe to your daily emails.
  • Cheryl (.
  • Elaine N.
    I would use it for gas cash!
  • Mom2GiggleMonkeys
    I would buy beach toys for the kids and the rest on gas to get to the beach!
  • alex
    With the price of gas it would just fill my tank from empty
  • Jennifer L.
    I'd use it to buy nutritional supplements.
  • Jennifer L.
    I subscribe by email.
  • Anita
    I would fill up my tank and buy some milk!
  • Diane
    I would use it to pay my internet bill so I can keep surfing the web and browsing Bargainmoose!
  • megan
    I'd use it to fill the gas tank, definitely, and maybe a few groceries. Thanks for the opportunity to win!
  • Deborah B.
    Baby needs a new pair of shoes:)!
  • Allan H.
    Groceries and gas for the car (Shell of course).
  • samantha
    New clothes for after pregnancy!
  • tiggrr34
    gas gas and more the price now it won't get me too many miles down the road
  • holly
    I subscribe by email, I'd give the card to my dad who does a lot of driving for me and my sister.
  • Amanda M.
    I would buy gas
  • Amanda M.
    I subscribe to bargain moose by email
  • Kristen B.
    I'd use it to buy gas.
  • Kaila B.
    It has been awhile since I have bought some new clothing! Subscribe by email and tweeted.
  • Karen H.
    I would buy gasoline and fill my tank. With the price of gas skyrocketing this would be an amazing gift.
  • Angele R.
    July 14, my friend in Matachewan Ontario is getting married. My two closest girlfriends, who live in Matachewan, do not drive and never have. So it is up to me & that is why we have not seen one another for three years because at one time forty dollars would fill the tank. That hundred would guarantee the reunion at Denise's wedding.
  • Cappellis
    Work clothes for my new job!
  • Gary T.
    I'd buy stuff that helps me get ready for summer - new sunglasses & sunscreen would be at the top of my list
  • john
    I would buy some winter clothes (that are being sold off on sale), heh heh. Oh, and some gas.
  • Lucie
    Gas would be nice, especially FREE GAS!!!
  • russ
    Have not seen my daughters for 7 months and I told them I would take them skiing
  • Stu
    I would buy a pair of jeans!
  • Melissa
    Gas for sure--any extra will help towards summer road trips
  • Brandy
    I would fill up the tank and take the family on a weekend road trip.
  • Brandy
    I subscribe to your e-mails.
  • Ange
    My closest girlfriend is getting married July 14 in Matachewan Ontario. The hundred dollars would sure help get us up there. We have not reunited in three years because the round trip from Toronto has gone up, at one time I could fill the tank with forty dollars.
  • RedEng
    I would use it to shop online and possibly buy a gift card at card swap.
  • veronica
    I would put the gas card towards our trip to the mountains and island in BC this summer! My husband and daughters are biking from Jasper to Banff and I'm the rest & refreshment vehicle!
  • Kelly
    We would go on a road trip!!!
  • Rachel
    omg..i'm so gonna use it towards gas!!!! it's so expensive nowadays!! especially when the news says the price is gonna rise even more in the summer...oh gosh..!
  • Betty
    Definitely would be buying gas with the extra $$ if I won.
  • Betty
    I tweeted as @turtletatty
  • Elisha
    I would use to to get ready for summer - I'd probably get a few cute dresses, maybe some sandals...
  • Ardith
    I use pre-paid cards for online purchases. I love buying presents for family and friends at bookcloseouts. So that is most likely how I'd spend the $100 card if I won it . . . with a book or two for myself maybe ;)
  • Dawnm
    We want to buy a trampoline for outdoor play this summer, this would sure help!!
  • Dawnm
    I subscribe to the daily emails from bargainmoose, and they're awesome!
  • Fatema
    I would use it to fill up before our family road trip to Blue Mountain. I already receive the daily email, thanks.
  • Kris
    Exactly what it would be spent on? GAS, at Shell, of course!
  • JulieA
    I'd buy a gallon of gas! LOL
  • judy
    GAS-AND MORE GAS !!!!!!
  • Christine
    I'd use it on gas - road trips to take photos for greeting cards I hope to sell.
  • Donnah P.
    Gas and then more gas
  • claudia m.
    buy gas when its at the peak in summer!
  • claudia m.
    I tweeted and subscribe
  • jessica
    would use it to pay my internet bills... subscribed to your email tweet:!/hongdoufantuan/status/191209274754609154
  • Wendy
    I'd buy gas for sure!
  • HEIDI C.
    I would be thrilled to use the $100 to fill up my car gas tank and get a car wash!
  • Ashley E.
    Definitely towards gas for a road trip to montreal to have fun and visit family
  • katama381
    My b/day is on the 21st so I would use some of it to buy myself something for my b/day and the rest I would use to buy gas
  • BARRY S.
    $100 will allow me to fill up twice at Shell; otherwise, I'll use it to take out my children and grandchildren for treats at the local ice cream store and the bakery not far from their houses.
  • JaneD
    Mom's birthday present :)
  • leah
    online shoppinnggg!! :)
  • wendigirl
    i would board a bc ferry..and visit all those on the mainland..
  • Alicia
    Pick up my best friend in Calgary and show her allllllll of the beautiful Rocky Mountains! Xo
  • Benita
    Shopping for some new spring clothes !! :)
  • Tyler W.
    Art classes for my 3 and 6 year old girls! Art rocks!
  • Karla S.
    I would probably use it for gas for my car! ksceviour at hotmail dot com
  • Karla S.
    I tweeted!/ksceviour/status/191229828123471873
  • Karla S.
    Im subscribed via email ksceviour at hotmail dot com
  • Carrie
    Gas is so expensive I'd be buying that
  • Carrie
    I subscribe by email
  • Kelly
    I would buy gas from Shell!
  • Carrie
    Tweeted the contest (Miss_Scarlett99)
  • Dora B.
    I would finally be able to fill up the tank to chauffer the kids around!
  • Brenda
    I would buy gas from my Shell gas station that is conveniently located around the corner from me.
  • Jane
    Stuff to repaint and redecorate my bedroom. ^__^
  • Andrea W.
    I would probably use it for gas as we go to Shell all the time.
  • Andrea W.
    Subscribe to Bargain Moose via email.
  • Tania
    I'd probably use it for...GAS! $1.36 today!!! Already subscribed to email :)
  • Joanna
    I would use it for gas. It's so expensive :(
  • Kathryn
    I would use the money for a day of fun for me and my 2 girls.
  • Allie
    I would take my daughter out for a birthday lunch and fill up my car with gas at Shell on the way there!
  • Sandy
    Would use to buy gas and go see some out of town friends.
  • Shel
    New bedding (could use a new duvet cover). Thanks for the giveaway. + email subscriber
  • julie w.
    I'd buy one of the two g's---gas or groceries---not pretty but necessary!
  • Lorna R.
    I would buy new summer sandels and a bag for my mom for mothers day
  • Lorna R.
    I am a email subscriber and tried to tweet but a rookie and not 100% sure it worked
  • Linda P.
    it would be spent on gas for our holiday trip, thanks for the chance
  • Mary
    I would use it to pay for gas on our road trip out to the west coast this summer.
  • Jessica
    gas, gas, gas!!! :)
  • scott
    a 10 round pass to my local pitch n putt!
  • Linda
    I would use it to buy something special for my nephew's up coming birthday.
  • dnfl
    DEFINITELY gas!!
  • Leanne B.
    I would use the money for my daughters 2nd birthday party!
  • Leanne B.
    Subscribe to email!
  • lilpeej
    I would use the $100 prize to help pay for a car repair I've been putting off. -- I subscribe to your email updates. -- I have tweeted about this contest (`laspjs`)
  • Anna
    Lots of gas - or maybe not so much :-)
  • Steve
    Being as both the car and bike use premium, I'd use it for some of that Shell V-Power.
  • Mike G.
    I would spend it on my daughters birthday present!
  • wan
    for my dad
  • niceguy405
    If I won I would try to start a "Pay it forward" good deed. I'd go to the Shell gas station I always fill up at and when I go inside to pay I'll pay for my gas and the person's beside me and ask the teller to just tell the next random person that it was my good deed, please pay it forward to someone else. Of course I'd squeeze in a Shell car wash before I leave too! =)
  • Erica
    I would use it to buy gas!
  • BargainHunter
    I'd buy my kids a trampoline for the backyard!
  • james
    I would take my family out for dinner.
  • Hei-Lai
    I will spend this on my twins birthday party with their friends from daycare
  • Linda
    I'd put the money towards my mom and dad's 70th wedding anniversary and 90th birthday party.
  • MBetz
    I would definately use it for gas
  • robin
    would love to get a tank of gas for free :)
  • Matthew
    That money would got towards wheelchair accessible weightlifting equipment !
  • anastasia
    i would buy diapers twitted about contest stasymipip and also a subscriber
  • Danielle
    I would go up to Algonquin Provincial Park with one of my best guy friends and go on a hiking adventure.
  • cole
    If I was lucky to win this, it would definitely be used for groceries and gas.
  • Barbara
    I would be able to afford a new summer outfit.
  • Irmgard
    I would buy gas to go see my kids and grandkids.
  • Steve
    I would use it for gas to see my better half who is far away :(
  • MissT
    I would use it to pay my cell phone bill for the next 2 months
  • MissT
    Subscribe to the Bargainmoose daily email updates
  • Aastha
    I would take out my mom on a nice dinner and buy her a dressy outfit for work for mom's day! :)
  • Aastha
    I would take out my mom on a nice dinner and buy her a dressy outfit for work for mothers day! :)
  • UncleStuart
    Online music lessons.
  • GS
    I would buy diapers and gas for my car. :)
  • GS
    I am a subscriber :)
  • LynnM
    $100 towards a mani/pedi and massage (my own little Mother's Day present to myself)
  • Bluenoser
    I would buy new running shoes so I can race fast this summer.
  • CalgaryCaper
    I would use it towards my Cape Breton vacation this summer!
  • CalgaryCaper
    Tweeted! (@whirly_churly)
  • Norine
    I would use it to buy fuel.
  • Vivian
    I would spend it on work clothes!
  • danielle
    I'd love to buy a SodaStream!
  • danielle
    I'm a subscriber
  • dil
    I will give it to my kids
  • Maya
    I would use the $100 to take my fiancee on a weekend away at a bed and breakfast!
  • Sarah
    I would buy supplies to make my son a golf-themed quilt for his bed.
  • 1Engel
    I would buy gas for my husband's truck.
  • Adeem Z.
    I would use the $100 to buy gas.
  • Donnas
    I'd use it towards gas.
  • Donnas
    I subscribe to Bargainmoose daily email updates.
  • Suhaib
    I would buy gas for my car :D
  • Queenie
    Would deposite into my account or just use it to pay for my next gas pump :)
  • dave
    would spend it putting gas into my car, it should last about 2 weeks if i am lucky.
  • Nicole
    I would take a roadtrip!!
  • Steve A.
    I would use to buy gas for a trip to Seattle!
  • Stephen K.
    I would have to use it for gas
  • Shirley
    I would use it for groceries because my husband just went to the store to get milk and lost our last $20 :(
  • Stephen K.
    I tweeted -!/selbys/status/192396006250385409
  • Stephen K.
    I subscribed to Bargainmoose
  • Amanda
    Great contest! I would love to use the money for gas to travel to visit my brother. =)
  • Nicole
    I would use it for gas to drive to and from work (35km one way).
  • Tenille77
    Towards gas for our yearly trip back home to PEI
  • Michelle
    I would buy gas at Shell
  • Catherine C.
    Would love it for a couple tanks of gas :) I do lots of commuting for work
  • aicha1
    Gas of a roadtrip !
  • Johanne
    Buy gas at Shell and use my airmiles card
  • Michelle E.
    I would spend it on dinner and a movie for hubby and I. We are long overdue for a date night!
  • Preet
    I would spend it out on dinner.
  • Chris
    Gas for summer road trip with the kids!
  • Jenny
    I would definitely take my family out to a special dinner - try something new!!

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