Bargain DVDs $6.99 or Less @

Bargain DVDs $6.99 or Less @

We've been rediscovering DVDs in our house because Netflix doesn't have everything, streaming can get annoying, and movies make long car rides with kids so much more bearable. If you can relate - and I'm guessing you can - head on over to and shop their bargain DVD's for $6.99 or less!

I am loving the selection in this sale, they've got a lot of blasts from the past that I can't wait to watch. Remember Dennis the Menace? It was one of my favourites growing up and I'm sure my kids will find it equally entertaining!

Shop the whole sale because there are a lot of movies here, and they're not just for the kids!

These are some of my top picks:

Shipping is free on orders over $35, so grab all of your favourites!


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