Baby Banz Mini Earmuffs Protection Set $39.97 Shipped

Baby Banz Mini Earmuffs Protection Set $39.97 Shipped

Heading to a baseball game with your little ones this summer? How about Canada Day fireworks or an outdoor concert? If so, you need to check out these Baby Banz Mini Earmuffs Protection Sets, on sale now at for only $39.97 (down from $49.97)!

Each set includes a pair of Banz Mini Muffs to protect your baby's ears from loud noises and a pair of matching Adventure Banz sunglasses that are specifically designed to shield little eyes from the sun.

Choose from four different colours:

These sets are made to fit children anywhere from three months to two years old. Both the earmuffs and sunglasses fit closely and comfortably but allow for growth, so your little ones can be protected for all of those precious first years.

The Banz Mini Muffs alone usually sell for $39.97 and the Adventure Banz sunglasses can run you $19.97, so you're getting an incredible deal.

Shop early if you want to avoid missing out! Shipping is free, since your order is over $25.


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