Backyard Grill Propane BBQ $90 @ Walmart Canada

Backyard Grill Propane BBQ $90 @ Walmart Canada

This is the absolute best price you're going to find on a BBQ - and let's be frank, you can BBQ all year round. Spring is just around the corner, and in no-time-flat you will have people over to hang out in your backyard, so why not grab a barbecue to entertain them with delicious food. This Backyard Grill Stainless Steel Lid 2 Burner Propane Gas Grill BBQ is on clearance at Walmart Canada for $90 down from $164.

This Backyard Grill BBQ has two burners and is powered by propane. It has enough cooking power to cook 16 burgers at once, and can even be converted to natural gas if needed. So what will you cook? Don't forget to invite me over!

Your order will even qualify for free shipping, since it is over $50.


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