The Source: Back to School with Cheap Android Tablets

The Source: Back to School with Cheap Android Tablets

Want your kid to be the coolest kid in school? Get him an Android tablet and get it for cheap!

A few of the better deals in the sale:

First off, the first link, the one to the sale page, has things other than tablets on  it because The Source's website is uselessly user-unfriendly.

I don't know if the marketing department at The Source just used the term "Back-to-School" because that's what you slap on all your sales around this time of year but the tablets here ARE very school-friendly. I don't know about your kids and my own son isn't in school yet, but when I was in school, I couldn't be trusted to bring anything valuable with me. I'd also lose it, break it or have it stolen from me.

Of course when I was in school the definition of something valuable was a bit different. Regardless, times have changed and now kids want to bring laptops, tablets and smartphones to school. The problem is, or at least was with me, that giving a kid an $800 tablet is kinda crazy.

Some of these Archos tablets, the phone sized ones, are under $150. Even the better quality Acers are quite cheap. So this school year, send your kid with some awesome technology.

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