Baby Plush Toys $13.50 Shipped @ Chapters Indigo

Baby Plush Toys $13.50 Shipped @ Chapters Indigo

Baby Shower, Baby's First Birthday or even Baby's First Christmas - these Andrews & Blaine Knit Plush animals are the perfect gift, especially right now. They are just $13.50 down from $19.50 at Chapters Indigo Canada and that even includes shipping.

There are three Andrews & Blaine Knit Plush toys available for this price - an elephant, bunny, and monkey. All three are super soft to cuddle with, and are equally as cute.

Chapters Indigo states that these toys are suitable for your little one to have right from birth - and you can spot clean them if they encounter any mess. The squishy tummy would have me sold! Can I cuddle with it myself?

Right now shipping is entirely free (with no minimum purchase) at


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