Baby Banz Earmuffs on Sale from $29.99

Baby Banz Earmuffs on Sale from $29.99

If you've been looking for Baby Banz, you need to head to, since they have pairs on sale from $29.99!

Ear protection is a must when you're heading out anywhere with loud or constant noise – like a hockey game, a concert or even a busy day at the zoo.

Baby Banz Earmuffs protect your little one's hearing from potentially harmful noises, and some models are light enough for even newborns to wear!

The soft cushion cups and padded headband keep the earmuffs comfortably in place on your kiddo's head, so you can sit back and enjoy fireworks, events and pretty much anything else without worrying about their hearing.

Plus, these earmuffs don't shut out ambient sounds, so your kids can still hear what's around them.

Check out these styles:

And if you're looking for Baby Banz sunglasses, has those on sale, too! Adventure Sunglasses are available from $15.99 (down from $22+), and a bunch of colours are marked down!

Most of these items are Amazon Prime eligible, and any orders over $35 will ship free.


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  • Maegan M.

    Love them. Bought them for my kids ( 6+8) to go to their first rock concert ( in case they wanted them) 6 year old loved them.