Babies R Us Canada: Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers Were $15 | Now $9

Babies R Us Canada: Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers Were $15 | Now $9


If there is one expense that is guaranteed for parents, it is diapers. Unless you are doing elimination communication or natural infant hygiene, you are spending money on diapers, be it cloth or disposable. Even if you are doing cloth (as I once did), you'll still use disposables here and there so spending money on diapers is inevitable. If you are smart, you can stock up (but not too much, babies grow!) when there are deals and spend less of that money. Normally I would not recommend you get diapers at Toys R Us, as they could be overpriced, but they've got a great sale on right now on the jumbo size packs, regularly $14.99, now $8.97 on Huggies.

Jumbo size packs of diapers are not as large as you'd think as diaper companies like to be insanely confusing with their size terminologies. It all depends on the size of diaper and the quality level with how many diapers will be in the box.What does this mean? Well, take for example the Little Snugglers size newborn jumbo pack, which has 32 diapers in it. Compare it to the Snug and Dry diapers in size 1 in the jumbo pack that has 44 diapers in it. Both are the same regular and sale prices, and the size one is larger than the newborn, but the snug and dry brand is not the premium brand that the little snugglers is. Don't worry, it is all totally confusing, but you'll get it through trial and error. Some babies can handle a lesser quality diaper depending on their urine volume. My oldest peed quite a bit and always leaked so he needed a more expensive line of diapers, whereas my younger boys did not have the same volume and were able to use the lesser quality line. I think it could also have been that he has super pudgy legs and they did not, but who knows. I only knew what worked!

All of the Huggies brand diapers that were $14.99 are now on sale for $8.97 in the jumbo pack, no matter the size of diaper. This includes pull-ups and little swimmers.

Just to give you a little price compare, Amazon sells this size of pack for about $14.99. Walmart sells them for $13.97, although they don't seem to sell them online anymore. also sells them for $14.99.

While you could get larger packages of diapers, sometimes that is just not practical. These diapers make a great gift idea for new parents, maybe a pack in each size?

Shipping will be free once you reach the $49 minimum threshold.

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