Awesome Grocery Cash Back Offers

Awesome Grocery Cash Back Offers


It is another week and we have another roundup of some of the awesome grocery cash back offers to take advantage of.  We are sharing four different cash back offer apps this week for you to check out. Each app is a little different on when you can get your cash back but all of them will end up saving you money on your grocery bills. I am noticing some Halloween themed cash back offers this week so I assume there will be some Christmas ones after next week.

Here is a look at some of the offers this week:

  • Halloween Oreo Cookies- $1 cash back
  • Becel Margarine- $0.50 cash back
  • Duracell Battery packs- $1 cash back

All of these offers and any more will be available until October 29th, 2014. In total, there are 28 different Checkout51 grocery items that you can get money back on.

Friday, October 24th

  • Blood Oranges- $0.25 cash back

Saturday, October 25th

  • Parsnips- $0.25 cash back

Sunday, October 26th

  • Kiwi- $0.25 cash back

Each day will have two new deals with cash back offers and each of these deals (plus all other ones) will be valid for one week from the start date. For the most art, they offer cash back offers on fruits and vegetables which is nice because you don't often see coupons for these items.

Here is a look at a few of the deals you will see this week:

  • CLR Cleaners- $1 cash back
  • Hot Rods Snack pack- $1 cash back
  • Royal Gold Pretzels- $0.75 cash back
  • Pedigree Dentabone- $0.75 cash back

These deals and all others for Cartsmart will be valid until October 29th.  In total, you can take advantage of 14 of them this week.

Here is a look at some of the deals you will see this week:

  • Cheese- $0.25 cash back
  • Carrots- $0.25 cash back
  • Breton Crackers- $0.50 cash back
  • Pumpkins- $0.25 cash back

In total, there are 19 different Zweet offers available this week for cash back offers. All of the Zweet offers will be valid until October 29th as well. I love that they have included a pumpkin offer in honour of Halloween.  I will have to grab mine this weekend.

Happy Savings Moosers!


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