FREE Root Beer Day is Finally Here @ A&W!

Mark your calendars for July 20
FREE Root Beer Day is Finally Here @ A&W!

How does a free root beer sound? I can't say no to a good freebie, and this one music to my ears. Free Root Beer Day is making a comeback at A&W this July, and you know I'm making a beeline for A&W as soon as they open for lunch today. I just set a reminder in my phone, because I'm definitely not missing out!

This year, A&W's Free Root Beer Day falls on Saturday, July 20, and locations across the country will give away a FREE root beer to every single person who walks through their doors.

They held the same promotion last summer, and let me tell you, it gets popular. You might run into lines at your local restaurant, but it's worth it if you're getting a free root beer out of the deal! If you work on weekends, you might want to plan for an extra-long lunch break today – and get a Teen Burger while you're there.

If you haven't been to A&W in a while, know that they recently changed their root beer recipe. Their signature drink is now made with natural cane sugar and all-natural flavours like birch bark, sarsaparilla root, licorice root and anise – so you can feel a little bit better about what you're putting in your body. They swear it still tastes the same, but using cane sugar does cut down on the drink's sugar and calorie counts.

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