A&W Canada: 2 Mini Sirloin Burgers For $3.49

A&W Canada: 2 Mini Sirloin Burgers For $3.49


For a limited time (I don't know how long for), A&W Canada is offering a deal on their Mini Sirloin burgers.

The dealio is this - buy 2 of their mini sirloin burgers for only $3.49. They look mega tasty in the picture, but I've never had one of this type of burger.

Now, I saw this offer being shown on their website. I don't have the regular price of the sirloin burgers - do you know how much they normally are so we can judge the dealiness of this offer?

I do enjoy a snack from A&W... but it's got to be accompanied by root beer!


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  • Jenn M.
    I believe these are always 2/$3.49 when they have them - the limited time is the fact that they're offering them, not the price. I have had them before and they're quite delicious! They put weird stuff on them though I remember - just onions and mustard and maybe mayo I think? I can't remember but do know I thought it was a weird combo and asked for what I wanted on top instead.
    • Sharon M.
      Thanks for reminding me of this. My grand-daughter LOVES A&W and I have her this coming weekend so I think I'll treat us to their minis and oinion rings. She'll be so happy.