Avon Canada Sale: Up To 50% Discount TODAY

Avon Canada Sale: Up To 50% Discount TODAY

I’m on the email newsletter list for Avon Canada. Today, they emailed me to say there is up to 50% discount on selected beauty products!!

The cosmetics sale is supposed to be today only, so if any of the items take your fancy, then I would place your order as soon as possible. I did a blog post about some Avon beauty products a few weeks ago, and the prices went up shortly after.

Click here to shop online @ Avon Canada

PLUS they are offering free shipping for today if you use the Avon coupon code 611FSD.

(To see more of the products on offer today, click “specials” near the top right. Click “make-up” in the beauty specials area.)

Some items of interest:

Half price Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel - only $2.99! (Search for 065-053, pictured top right) There are some gorgeous colors to choose from there. I like the (Classic fit”, it’s a nice shade of blue. Or if we’re going a bit more glam, how about the “lagoon,” a brighter and funkier shade of blue.

Smooth Mineral Blush Duo – only $9.99! (Search for 019-623, pictured second from top in my image to the right) This is a cute little blush compact set. There are a few shades to choose from, I guess your choice would depend on your skin tone.

Less than half price is the Astonishing Lengths Mascara – only $3.99! (Search for 314-530, pictured 3rd down in my image) This is one of the Avon Beauty Awards Winner products, so might be worth a try!

This little product looks great – the Eight-In-One! Eye Palette for $12.99! (Search for 287-470, pictured bottom right) If you want to stock up on some new colors, this would be perfect. I quite like the “water colors” selection.


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