Aurora Taddle Toes Stuffed Animals From $8.40 (Were $22) @

Aurora Taddle Toes Stuffed Animals From $8.40 (Were $22) @


I like big eyes and big ears but the big feet on these Aurora Taddle Toes plush animals is just adorable! Pick up a Aurora Taddle Toes Stuffed animal or two on sale for up to 62% off. Originally $21.99, here is a sweet selection of Taddle Toes plush under $10.

This Aurora AW16314 Snorkle Plush is the cutest thing ever! His huge oversized feet make me want to love him and hug him and squeeze him and call him George (bonus points if you get the classic cartoon reference here). Originally $21.99, this fun loving plush is now on sale for $8.40.

Next, the Aurora AW20798 Baby Taddles Elephant Blue 10-Inch Plush is on sale from $21.99 down to $8.92 only in the blue. The pink version is well over double the cost at $18.18. I am having a heart attack over how cute this little elephant is and I am soooo close to adding him to my own personal collection.

It appears that all the Taddle Toes plush animals are about 10" tall. That is a smaller plush, but they make great gifts. This Aurora AW16309 Safari Plush was $21.99 but is now only $9.05. They call this the 'safari' plush, but really it is a giraffe stuffed animal.

Lastly, this Aurora 16336 World Taddle Toes Stripes Bald Eagle Plush is adorable in a way that I never thought an eagle could be. Usually I think of eagles as looking 'noble' not so cute I want to cuddle. Originally $21.99, he is now on sale for $9.46.

Each of these stuffed animals would make a wonderful Christmas gift for collectors and children. I couldn't help post about them because they are so cute! There are a few other animals on sale but the next best price jumps up by $4. The Aurora World Taddle Toes Chuchee Chimp Plush is on sale for $13.44 and then the rest are over $14 each.

Amazon Canada offers free shipping on orders of $25 or free shipping on any order for Prime Members. Prices on plush seem to fluctuate a lot, so these prices could change at any moment. I have noticed that prices seem to jump once you buy something, so hop on this deal quickly.

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  • Sue
    Giraffe price went way up but others are all about the same, so far!
    • Sue
      And be still my heart, have you seen the sloth version of this? Eep!
      • Avigayil M.
        I just googled it, SO cute! <3