Audible: Less than $5 for the First Book in Various Series

Audible: Less than $5 for the First Book in Various Series


Start a new series for $4.95 at Audible!

Nothing scares me more (as far as audiobooks go) than starting a new series and hating it. It stinks. I've done it before and (thankfully) Audible has always refunded my credit when I don't like the book but it's still frustrating. Part of the problem is just picking something. There are so many series out there it can be a bit overwhelming. Audible knows that and that is why they offer deals like these. They offer you a curated list of series that you can sort by genre. And all the books are first books in a series. On top of that, they are only $4.95 so it's not like you're dumping a lot of money on them. Of course you can get a refund but if you hit a book you like, you've started a new series and it only cost $5!

Like I said above, the books are all sortable by genre including fiction and YA. YA stuff is for kids in the 12 to 16 range. If there are any parents out there with kids that age, you probably know that getting to read isn't easy. It's way easier to get them to play video games and watch TV. Not that there is anything wrong with watching TV and playing games but reading is important, too. A great way to get them to read is by getting them Audible. They can listen to the books while they play or eat lunch or as a bedtime story.

Of course if you don't have kids you can read some great SciFi, Fantasy, Non Fiction, Romance or Mystery & Thrillers! If you're a member and signed in, the link above will bring you to the deal. If you aren't a member it will bring you to a page in which you can get a free book and a 30 day free trial. Cancel after 30 days and you get to keep the book. I would highly (HIGHLY) suggest that, if you don't want the monthly subscription, you get the Audible Lite package. That way you pay $10 a year and you get to stay a member of Audible and take part in all these great sales they have throughout the year.

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