Shock-tober! Week 2: Over 40 Zombie Audiobooks for $6.95 each!

Shock-tober screams into week 2 with another recent favorite: Zombies! AMC's the Walking Dead starts up in a couple of days but you can start the Zombie Mayhem early for under $7!

You need to get an Audible account to get the sale  prices but luckily for you we have the hookups here at Bargainmoose. You can get a free credit from Audible (a few books are two credits, most are one) and most importantly, you get to take part in this great sale! Don't worry about being locked in or anything, you can cancel at anytime or get a $10/year Audible Light account so you can get in on all the sales they have throughout the year!

The deal here, like last weeks and I'm sure the upcoming weeks, is very good with the $6.95 price tag bringing savings of anywhere between $28 and $3 off the already discounted Audible members price.

I wrote last week about how Vampires are all over popular media these days but if there is one thing that matches and perhaps, dare I make the pun, eclipses them, it's zombies. I think Zombies might be bigger just for the fact that it has broken out of the media. We have people doing zombie walks and government agencies releasing plans to deal with the impending Zombie Apocalypse. Even the fact that me and my wife can get into The Walking Dead but I'd rather poke myself in the eye with a roofing nail than watch The Vampire Diaries with her is an indication of how popular Zombies are.

But before we had all these great modern zombie properties and Zombie walks through downtown streets, we had some great Zombie books. I suggest picking up a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Very cool.

(Expires: 31 October 2012. 11:59PM ET)


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