Listen to a FREE Audiobook @ Audible

Because Tiger King only has so many episodes ...
Listen to a FREE Audiobook @ Audible

Okay, I'll admit it. I don't think I've ever listened to an audiobook, besides the few short clips that John Oliver plays during Last Week Tonight episodes. I'd almost always rather just read something myself, but I can't always have my hands and eyes on a book. But regardless, now is definitely the time to try something new.

I have some friends who listen to audiobooks while they run or commute to work. That latter isn't exactly happening for them or me anytime soon, but all the podcasts I had stockpiled for my at-home workouts are dwindling. Maybe I can replace them with audiobooks until more episodes come out!

Audible, an Amazon company, claims to have "the world's largest library of audiobooks," and I'm pretty sure they're right. Audible boasts TONS of books on tape, including an entire French collection. And now that we're all nearing boredom (and probably finished Tiger King on Netflix), you can try them out for FREE.

If you sign up for a new Audible account, you'll receive your first audiobook and 30 days of listening at no charge. After that, membership is $14.95 per month plus applicable taxes, but you can cancel it at any time. It basically works like Amazon Prime, which means the Quebec program works a little differently. If you live there, you might not be eligible for the same promotion. All details are available online.

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