Audible: 50% Off 3 Month Gold Membership

Audible: 50% Off 3 Month Gold Membership


I never thought I would like audio books, but since I downloaded one from Audible's free offer a while ago, I was hooked. I listed to it like 5 times, and wanted more. Recently I saw this sweet offer from Audible for 50% off your membership for 3 months. Instead of $14.95 a month you only pay $7.49 each month for 3 months. A great way to try out their service and get some audio books for a song.

With a Gold Membership you get 1 credit per month to spend on an audio book, plus 30% off any audiobook purchased without a credit, free daily subscription to The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal and member-exclusive sales and promotions!

That 1 monthly credit is like... gold. I got the following collection with a credit I got: The Woody Allen Collection: Without Feathers, Getting Even, Mere Anarchy, Side Effectsregular price: $34.95. You could get this for $7.49!

I find audiobooks great for long rides on the bus, road-trips, and even just doing housework. :-) Great promotion.


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