Assorted 12 Inch Squishmallows $11.99 @ Canadian Tire

In-store only!
Assorted 12 Inch Squishmallows $11.99 @ Canadian Tire

We know that many of you are on the hunt for12 Inch Squishmallows, so we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw that many Canadian Tire stores have them in stock. They are down to just $11.99 from $14.99. Move quickly, or they'll be gone before you know.

12 Inch Squishmallows

Stock seems to be across the country, but this won't stay the case for long with all us parents desperate to get our mitts on them.

Note - these are available in store only but you can check stock levels online before you venture out on a special journey for one.

As they are listed as assorted that means that there's no way to tell which one will be available. If you kid is anything like mine they'll not care as they are all awesome in their eyes.


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  • sue1907

    The link lists them at $14.99