Artscow: Personalized Reusable Bags - $2.99 + Free Shipping Coupon Code

Artscow: Personalized Reusable Bags - $2.99 + Free Shipping Coupon Code


Artscow is offering a great way to go green, personalized recyclable/reusable bags for only $2.99 each (one-sided) with free shipping. If you want images on both sides of the bag, it is only a dollar more, $3.99 with free shipping. These bags usually costs $6.99 each for one-sided, or $8.99 for 2 sided, so you are saving $4 - $5 per bag! Excellent way to personalize your shopping experience and not hae the same bags as everyone else in the store!

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  • Discount: save $4 - $5 per bag plus free shipping
  • Coupon Code: GREENSHOP
  • Expires: 23rd, February 2011

We use reusable bags all the time, and only on occasion when we don't bring enough bags do we end up with a plastic bag. I am so glad we do, because I hate wasting!

What Artscow says about their bags:

Use these wonderful customizable recycle bags to do your grocery shopping. Not only are these bags pretty, featuring your very own personalized designs, but they are easy to take around with you too. The bag can be folded and slipped into a mini carry case (included), so you’ll never be without it.


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  • Heroin
    Great deal! I ordered seven bags.